I realized that after I was finished with this (and too lazy to fix it), that skunks no longer use the Mustelid tongue. They have their own now, the mighty, mighty Mephitic tongue!

[No, I don’t know how to translate “Cuss Skunk.”]

But wait! There’s more!  Maybe this should’ve been posted first — nah, I’ll blame BMcE for mucking up the panels.

Mother of mercy, is this the end of Amos?

[insert supplications here]

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…or your abnormally large — whatever.

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The Unsinkable Wilbur Weston! The role that Debbie Reynolds was born to play!

There are so many folks at The Comics Curmudgeon smitten with Wilbur’s delighted response to the possibly becoming a Real Riter Writer, that I had to include them here.  Maybe he’s saying something (hence the caption balloon), or maybe its the gestures along…if you’ve got suggestions for the Jolly Man, I’ll post them!

The man of the hour:

Some GREAT comments:

“The image of Wilbur is horrifying enough. I’m just grateful that we’re spared the sight of his erection.” — Gladly, the cross-eyed bear

“Wilbur is so excited that he is jazz handsing.” — Liam

“I hope Wilbur doesn’t sprain his hands with that Jolson routine. He’s going to need them to wring A WEEKLY SERIES out of one incident.” — missal

“I’d like panel 2 better if it just had Wilbur saying “SQUEEEEE!”” — Esther Blodgett (done and done)

“Wilbur = Paul Lynde. Saw it right away.” — Chaze

“I think the dialogue’s been screwed up. Clearly, panels one and two show Wilbur falling for the old ‘pull-my-finger’ gag.” — Hibbleton

“Wilbur, unhinged by his experience, now believes himself to be Moses. “I shouldn’t be alive, but I AM saved me! I AM sent me to spread the new commandments in my low-circulation advice column!”” — This Guy

““Yes I Can!”, Starring Sammy Davis, Jr., as Wilbur!” — Nehemiah Scudder


And some scenes I think we’d all like to see (within reason. or maybe not.):

“Given Wilb’s adipose avoirdupois, I suspect he’s unsinkable, short of a Harpoon.” — Écureuil Écumant

“How ironic will it be when, the same day that his first “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” article gets printed, Wilbur chokes to death on a celebratory ham sandwich?” — KreatureFeatures

“Wilbur looks like he’s channeling 1970s Liza Minnelli.  “IT’S WILBURRRRRR — WITH A ZZZZZZ” (or a beef on weck…with mayo).” — UncleJeff

“What the Hell is that? Mary Worth’s vibrator?” — Calico

““Yes I Can!”, Starring Sammy Davis, Jr., as Wilbur!” — Nehemiah Scudder


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This better be the LAST strip dedicated to Life is Brutal/Well Maybe Not/Gimme Back My Column You Old Bat!  It’s Saturday, the HARROWING rescue has been reprised for the last week, it’s Saturday, and tomorrow’s Sunday, and if we eight more panels of this tomorrow, cannoli will roll! Capise?

UPDATE: There was no pool party.  There was more yammering about this. The current Mary Worth plot is on an one-way track to Sucksville.  Booo!

UPDATE, Take 2: Even worse, Wilbur’s editor thinks a “No Shit, There I Was” SERIES…SERIES! MORE THAN ONE! FOR WEEKS ON FREAKIN’ END! of Wilbur’s harrowing adventure is a good idea!


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I don’t read the comic Curtis, unless the folks at The Comics Curmudgeon say it’s really amusing.  (That’s not too often.)  A few weeks ago, a skunk (possibly rabid, and at least unhomed — I think Curtis lives in the city), was chasing Curtis around and around the living room.  Again, not that amusing, but the skunk looked angry, was growling, and, most important, it had a word balloon filled with cursing icons (okay, that was funny).  It was immediately dubbed “Cuss Skunk.”

I think that was the one-and-only appearance of Cuss Skunk in Curtis, so I like to think he got a better agent and is now appearing in Judge Parker.

I still doubt he’ll be as well-known as Honey Badger…

Yes, indeed, Cuss Skunk is performing his classic cursing.


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Or, Yet Another Way Rex Weasels Out of Having to Practice Medicine and Still Prospers from It! Going to San Diego for free, without li’l Sarah, to check on Melissa’s apartment…Rex, you sly dog!

Okay, Mary Worth, if I have to deal with a cranky old woman, Rex is dealing with one right now!  And she’s more interesting.

[When I was seven years old, the summer vacation that year was going to San Diego.  One day we spent in Tijuana, and my dad took us on a bus ride to God knows where  (aka, the little hills around Tijuana where the Tijuanans live).  I can’t really remember any of it, but I think it was long).  We did evidently come out of it alive.  I think my dad, who didn’t drive, used to do that a lot.]


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The Phantom’s Lucha Libre/Shangai Surprise plot just didn’t grab me (although Kit did some serious grabbing in it).  OTOH, we’ve been promised New Adventure by Ghost Who Kinda Sorta Said Hi to His Wife on Skype, so who are we to doubt him?

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Now, is a freakin’ Pool Party too much to ask?

Evidently so…because the next day, Mary asks for a retelling! (No, I am not making this up.) Yet I suspect the newly-redeemed, life-isn’t-so-brutal-after-all Dawn has her limits.

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In this summer of the 30th Olympiad, ship sinkings, bighorn sheep killings, free trips to San Diego and emo ballet performances, Sam Driver and Avery Blackstone have kind of been lost in the mix.  They’ve been fly fishing and wining and dining with Bea O’Boobs, and Avery’s been trying to sweet-talk Ms. O’Boobs into opening the lodge for other fishermen, but way down deep, there’s more.  Oh, so much more!

And damned if Sam is completely clueless.  I’m just a little frightened by Avery’s impersonation of a wall-eyed pike.

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