I don’t read the comic Curtis, unless the folks at The Comics Curmudgeon say it’s really amusing.  (That’s not too often.)  A few weeks ago, a skunk (possibly rabid, and at least unhomed — I think Curtis lives in the city), was chasing Curtis around and around the living room.  Again, not that amusing, but the skunk looked angry, was growling, and, most important, it had a word balloon filled with cursing icons (okay, that was funny).  It was immediately dubbed “Cuss Skunk.”

I think that was the one-and-only appearance of Cuss Skunk in Curtis, so I like to think he got a better agent and is now appearing in Judge Parker.

I still doubt he’ll be as well-known as Honey Badger…

Yes, indeed, Cuss Skunk is performing his classic cursing.


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