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Moreover, is there ever enough kitty litter?
Thanks to CC’s Baka Gaijin for the whole funny and strange idea…


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By bats | May 29, 2009 - 11:40 am
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Virtually NO meddling in this storyline! Yeah, sure, you might think Jeff Cory is filling in for Mary, but he’s an amateur! A poser! A sad and pathetic wannabe!

We’ve been subjected to dinner after dinner, talking head after talking head, and a plot that rivals wintergreen frozen dairy dessert. Mary, where are you when we need you? When THEY need you?!


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At least until Darth Margo gets wind of Gary’s plans…


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By bats | May 28, 2009 - 12:02 pm
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Poor Dolly’s ethnic dining choices in the metro Phoenix area are a little more limited these days, with the closing of the Pink Taco in Scottsdale. (No, really!)


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By bats | May 27, 2009 - 7:41 pm
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Uh oh…dirty deeds in Lost Forest! Illegal dumping, and of hazardous materials, too!

Oh, for the good old days, when MRSA-infected wrestling mats were all we had to worry about! At least Mark, like Rex, has his much more competent colleague Andy, to assist…


And already, Mark’s encountering a real Cliff Hanger!


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By bats | May 26, 2009 - 11:32 pm

Okay, you have June Morgan soakin’ up the sun, enjoying life, and you just have to mess with it. No, really!
Then you mess with it a little more:
And then you just go overboard:

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At least we’re some distance from Dr. Roberto “El Flash” Gomez and back with June on the balcony of the Morgans’ new quite. Carry on, Rex. Carry on,

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By bats | May 23, 2009 - 11:09 am
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“I’m out of it for a little while, and everyone gets delusions of boredom.”

So, I’m at a computer trade show in Las Vegas for five days (well, my husband is…I tag along for the buffets), and Nothing Happens. Sure, there’s poison being dumped in LoFo, an arranged marriage to be, um, arranged in Santa Royale, a nice chicken to be baked at Spencer Farms (hopefully, that won’t be the only thing to be baked, but I digress), and NO SIGN OF JUNE IN HER BIKINI!

What the deuce?!  Instead, Rex and Dr. Gomez have spent five days (six, if you count Saturday) sitting and talking! THIS is a cruise?

To be honest, however, it takes two mashups and a lot of sophomoric humor to fit in all the great, earnest expressions.  And just how sad it that?

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By bats | May 17, 2009 - 5:42 pm
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It always surprises me when a comic strip will toddle along for weeks, and other than reading it, I have absolutely no inclination to improve mash it.  I mean, Rusty kidnapped by 2/3’s of the Three Stooges?  That’s pretty sweet, all by itself, and I’ll just leave it alone (for the most part).

But THEN!!!  Along comes a Sunday Mark Trail about koalas.  Okay, I read a lot of the Sunday Mark Trails, and that’s about it. Koalas are cute and unique and all, but I’ll just leave them alone.

But THEN!!! I notice that there’s a FLYING KOALA! OMG!

How can I possibly resist?!? How can anyone resist???

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By bats | May 14, 2009 - 5:04 pm
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Well, OF COURSE Mark is going to rescue Rusty and Sassy, and give those bad guys what for in the process.  But strange things have been going on in Lost Forest, or at least in the minds of the reads of Mark Trail.

CC commenter Esther Blodgett noted (based not only on the latest Mark Trail shenanigans and its ubiquitous Sciurus maximus, but also those going on in
9 Chickweed Lane
(high heels being worn by everybody),
Mary Worth
(proudly sporting her funeral director hospital docent name tag),
Funky Winkerbean (cancer! 24/7) and
Judge Parker (the attack of the 80s cheerleaders)):

…my dreams tonight are likely to feature a giant squirrel sporting six-inch heels, a nametag, and a bad 80s hairdo. And cancer, of course.

Which leads to all sorts of mashy goodness (although I think it would’ve been easier putting Barbie doll heels on a real squirrel…)

And quel surprise! Mark doesn’t come out punchin’, but tacklin‘!  Very cool.  Very athletic.  And in spite of it all, Mark reveals how much he loves a good surprise!  (Yep, these are genuine panels from “The Sick Little Girl’s Puppy is Puppynapped”; “Stinky or Sneaky or Whatever the Hell His Name Is Gets Chained to a Log” and “Boy, Is Rusty Dumb, or What?”.)  Can you imagine how excited Mark would be if Cherry threw him a surprise! birthday party?  He’d probably punch her in the nose.

Excuse me while I book my trip right now…

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