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…is not necessarily an ad for toilet paper.  It is, however, the beginning of a new storyline…and Brooke steals from the best, since he’s doing Romeo and Juliet.  His Midsummer’s Night Dream adaption was pretty darned good (read, I’d buy a copy of it, particularly if I found it for half price at Bookman’s), so I have high hopes for this.

OTOH, I don’t recall a teddy bear in R&J.  So let’s all just start humming together and think of a bear with very little brain as we ponder:

New pibgorn

Yeah, I can steal from the best, too.


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By bats | July 29, 2013 - 1:38 pm
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…once more eludes Rex.

New REx

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I borrowed Billy on the couch watching late-night TV a few years back.  Apparently,  Growed Up Jeffy is in repeats, so so am I (and probably more current, too)!

New FC

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…but I’ll be really ticked off if this is the ONLY meddle that Mary does while at the Pax Wellness Resort:

New MW

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Now that Alan Parker has enough snax in the fridge and fresh pots of coffee to see him through writing his screenplay, Judge Pissyface has gone into seclusion. Rats.

Which begs the question…should he be replaced, like MacLean Stevenson on M.A.S.H. was? Just asking…

New Rex

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It’s a Luann/Lu Ann double header!  Of course, there will be no winners!

Mama Degroot accosts the instruction of the summer drama camp that rejected Luann’s application.  Oh, the humiliation!

New Luann

Meanwhile, Lu Ann attempts to console an Army veteran suffering from something.  Oh, the humiliation!

New A3G

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I think this is what happens after I have Jughead have conjugal relationships with a turkey leg and Rex’s rollicking buttocks…the Cosmic Muffin provides NO mashable strips.

Properly repentant, here’s the last of my “for later” stash.  At least it’s one that I like a whole bunch:

Not Scoopy 21 TBA

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By bats | July 23, 2013 - 11:14 am

(or, 100% Turkey Leg-Free!)

Sure, we laugh at Jughead dire pronouncement at a piece of food and snicker at Dr. Fleurrie’s apparently court-appointed attorney, but THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS when real Legal Eagles like Alan Parker and son, Sam Driver, and other members of a respectable cartoon law firm disappear!  Justice becomes a mockery!

New Archie 3

Although it’s becoming fairly evident that Fleurrie has all the common sense of a bean burrito…

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…when someone points out that a panel with Jughead holding a burrito (a burrito? What? Is Jughead vacationing at the swanky Pax Wellness Resort in lovely Tucson, Arizona?!?) looks suspiciously like an old drawing, probably with a hamburger, being slightly cut and pasted into his hands.

New Archie

Of course, it’s just so easy to go overboard.  I’d like to think that this might be Dingo-approved…

New Archie 2

[It’s weird.  Some of my most disturbing mashups have been done to Archie strips. Or, why I have a total of Archie mashups that I can count on one hand.]

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Woo HOO!

No, I’m not going to bother bringing you up to speed on the storyline.

Not Rex 522

But wait! There’s MORE!

Not Rex 523

Yes…and even MORE! (Dear God, make it stop…)




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