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The sad little plot thickens…

Why do you keep opening your mouth, Les?

Summer meets the high school janitor, who is a Time Lord or some such garbage (29 days to implosion, Batuik, you hack)…

Mop-boy yammers on and on, as Summer tries to think of anything she can do to ditch him.

And a Sunday strip…worthy of snarking unmercifully!

And so Summer tries to clear her head…

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Wait! There’s more!

Zak has been getting his news from the World Weekly Report…


And just because Our God is a Generous God, TWO snarks for the price o’ one!


We’re coming up on the weekend…like it or not, Ms. Moy, something better happen soon!

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By bats | October 17, 2022 - 11:05 am
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…only watch very old movies…

Yes, like this was a surprise…

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Zak and Iris are going on a holiday…someday…eventually,..before the end of the decade…


and here we are…


no….wait….stop… Trying to make a testosterone-pumped Millenial see reason.

Wow. Zak does NOT have things under control.

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…for a good ol’ MANLY SCREAM!!!

Meanwhile, in these action-packed days of 2022, so much is going on for the folks who associate with Judge Parker!

Because there’s no better place than a hospital for a knock-down, drag-out fight…

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Tiffany finailly gets fed up with living in a dorm with idiots and moves back to the manse. Too bad she forgot how to negotiate stairs…

Tiffany survives…and it’s a good thing, since Luann is starting to explore her writing career (the 13th careeer choice this year).

Meanwhile, Ma DeGroot and Borenice are bonding over taxes, or something…

Luann reads a BOOK!

Luann may or may not hit PUBERTY!

And while Tiff recuperates at Gunther’s lavish spit-n-sticks crappy little house, Bets gets the overwhelming case of jealousy over her man-boi:

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Uh-oh…I think I see some rocks ahead.

Wait! There’s more!


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The arts of drawing glassware is lost on so many…

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