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…I’d sit down one day and try to figure out why, when I mash Archie comics, they come out filthy.  A devious attempt to subvert the wholesome youth of the 50s? A pathetic cry to return to those carefree, asexual days?

But then, I think to myself, “It’s not worth worrying about.”

New Archie

Anyway, if I didn’t put a smarmy spin on it, any number of the jolly folks over at The Comics Curmudgeon would!

New Archie 2

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Sunday’s was another “let’s all jabber together” panel, that I’ve mashed at least one Halloween before.  And this was intriguing, as Billy and Jeffy were originally gazing upon a bush or shrub or something in full bloom.  Granted it’s still sunny in central and southern Arizona, but a good portion of the U.S. has tasted the cold already, and even snow.

Ah, but it’s always sunny in Snowglobe Valley, isn’t it?

New FC

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New MT 2

Even Mark, like the potato, has a certain low cunning…

UPDATE: Sadly, I lost interest in the story. Suffice it to say, Johnny shot an elk but didn’t kill it (and refused to track it down so it could be humanely dispatched).  Blah, blah, blah, Johnny was led to believe that ol’ Luddite Mark had recorded incriminating evidence about defrauding the public of forest land, and he ran off to destroy the evidence.  I guess he was looking for a Dumpster or something, but what he found was…


…the wounded elk!  Who seemed a lot more angry than wounded:


Of course, things never quite end in a tidy fashion, even in Nature:


Oh, gee whiz!  This story can’t have THAT sad of an ending!  It’s just not the American way, or something…

New MT 3


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…and no, in spite of all my twisting and turning and mashing and mauling,  that expression on Judge Parker’s face, and his exact quote are Woody Wilson’s, not mine! Ain’t it GREAT?!?? 

Let the games begin!

New JP

Squeeeee! (in a completely evil type of way!)

New JP

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…I can’t not vote for him, and they shouldn’t publish photos like this.

Ted Cruz wiener

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Or, in the world of Mary Worth, Clinton to Smif to Hahn.  Best just to see the evolution.

The original strip:


Which led to a long discussion at The Comics Curmudgeon that “Hillary Clinton” couldn’t possibly fit on the banner behind her, and speculation as to what it might actually say.  When “Hill Person” was proposed, CC’s Écureuil Écumant  came up with the fer real ‘n’ true portrait:


And I eventually sniffed out the other possibility — violinist Hilary Hahn (yesIknowthefirstname’smisspelledsosueme):

New MW

Thanks, EE!


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…there’s always room for doubt.  And since this is the Judge’s second or eighth marriage or something…

New JP

And then, there are just times you should skip all those fancy-schmancy dinners at the captain’s table.  You never know who’ll you run into!

New JP


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By bats | October 17, 2013 - 10:21 am

…that’s if you’re doing it wrong.

New Luann

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I’d bet good money I mashed on this topic at least once before.  But then again, the first time pretty much had Dolly messing with her mouth just like this, too.  So I think we’re even.


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…I’m pretty tired of widdle Sara’s literary turn.  Or turns.  One minute, “I’m going to write books!”  Then, “I’m not going to write books!”  Then, “I’m going to write one book.”

You know, Sara, I’m pretty sure that you can’t even wipe your snotty little nose, much less author a book.  This primadonna complex of yours is wearing mighty thin. And I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way.

New rex

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