I haven’t snarked too much on Apt. 3G, since there isn’t much to snark on.  Paul LINSKI dropped by to invite Lu Ann to the LINSKI family reunion, and I think they had a fight. But there was ice cream, so I guess Lu Ann and Paul are still together.

In other news, Margo is still a bitch.

So here’s the Big Day:  The Linski Family Reunion! Of course, Lu Ann and her deviled eggs are trotted around like a prize pig, but that’s to be expected.  Blondeness like that…NOT in the family…is quite a catch!

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Well, Sam Driver is going to attempt to by emptying his pockets of loose change and buying a motor home.  Me? I think this turn of events has a lot of possibilities, well, particularly if someone takes MY idea for a vacation destination…

(Yes, I love messing with Sam and Abbey, nearing as much as I love messing with Rex and June…never enough word balloons!)

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So, at least a few folks at the Comics Curmudgeon speculated that the pervy guy passing Gina the Waitress his telephone number along with his tab was her childhood beau, Bobby Black.  A few THOUGHT that the pervy guy passing Gina the Waitress his telephone number along with his tab should’ve been her childhood beau, Bobby Black.

While unlikely, there are times when we seen minor players in the Mary Worth universe who make a reappearance: now happily-married and pregnant Delilah,  the whole-dimwitted Cory clan, the really dimwitted Toby, and old fat Ian.  We need to see Bobby Black!  It’s good for Gina! It’s good for America!

And another, just because Gina’s membership in the Witless Protection Program should’ve come with the requirement to get rid of that damned thing sticking out of the top of her head.

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…even if they’re a little more esoteric (Guide to Roadkill, Windshield Splatters, Bird Droppings, etc.) than they used to be in the old days.


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That’s it?!? Disappointment doesn’t even run.  It kind of moseys, or slogs, maybe.

Gina goes on and on.  And yes, now I haz it…sympathy for the devil Mary Worth:


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…the most boring character in Luann is Luann.

That doesn’t mean that any of the other characters are likeable.  Like her idiot brother Brad. A trained EMT and fireman, he’s laid off because of budget cuts, and he finds a new job that showcases his talents — high-school level employment at Weenie World.  Oh, there’s a man-hungry boss lady, too, which everyone on earth apparently knows is a man-eater.  Except for Brad.

Do you watch HBO’s True Blood?  Brad is on the same intellectual plateau (or valley) as Jason Stackhouse, only way less attractive and sexy.   And since this is the comics (like Amos in 9 Chickweed Lane), and amazingly, like a lot of television sit-coms, gorgeous women fight each other for the privilege of being seen with these troll-dolls.



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“…it is a handicapable.”

Yeah, Mark, and I call it slightly skeevy and Lovecraftian.

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…it doesn’t have to make sense!

And you’ll be doing yourself a favor (and learning how to protect yourself from the impending Zombie Apocalypse) if you read Wayne Kotke’s ZOMBY!, http://d2rights.blogspot.com/search/label/Zomby .

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It’s just been a lot of fun, having Johnny Malotte’s outrageous Frahnch accent to mess around with, and CC commentary on his wife, the “Purple Pocahontas,” and the creepy Navajo rug on the wall (I don’t think there’s ever been that much green used in all the Navajo rugs EVER made).  So this might not make sense, but, to quote Johnny, “Who cahres?”

And then there’s the comments on the highest talent a woman in Lost Forest can aspire to:  pouring a really excellent cup of coffee (thanks for the start, Red Greenback!):

And then CC’s Ned Ryerson finds even more fantabuloso coffee-pouring! No wonder Mark seldom leaves Lost Forest!


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…like that’s going to stop me from snarking it!

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