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Well, maybe. Dawn “needs to talk” to Hugo. Hugo? He’d just rather have a rouleau bon marché et vide de sens dans le foin. Viva la sexe!

Oh, what a weeping Wilma! Hugo (briefly) thinks that he may be the cause of Dawn’s distress, but she’s as clueless as she has been for the last 15 years (or more) of her 20s.

Pepe Le Hugo is heroic to the last, even if Dawn has lowered le boom on him.

Of course, there’s a little le boom coming from Hugo as well…

Well, I think we ought to be very, very happy that Dawn and Hugo will remain friends (long-distance relationships can be so brutal!). And let’s cap off an expensive French dinner with cheap American ice cream…sorta like this whole escapade.

So we have to say goodbye for the summer…

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By bats | April 26, 2020 - 2:16 pm
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…Rex has a new patient!

Ol’ Buck needs a place to crash while he recovers, and it’s great! that many of his fans extend their hospitality!

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…because the Tucson Festival of Books is such a magnificent book fait, and the one in Crankshaft looks like such a crappy one…

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Hi and Lois. I rarely read this strip. I had no idea that Lois was a working woman, even with four kids at home! It’s a pity that the times don’t seem to be treating real estate agents of any gender kindly…

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Why on earth did I think anything would HAPPEN in a Sunday Mary Worth? Worse yet, we’re being treated to several panels that are REPRINTS (yes, honest to Dieu REPRINTS) of the earlier week’s strips! How do you say “lazy”? Paresseux will work…
Bob Weber, Jr., could get a few “find six differences” puzzles from the three panels re-used here.

OH! But maybe….

I wonder how you say “ohpleaseohpleaseohplease” in French?

I told my friends that I was abandoning this story line in Mary Worth because it was just so repetitious and boring. But I seemed to have lied (honestly, I thought the writer would get disgusted with the plot and characters, too!).

I sense a great disturbance in the Force…or may Hugo is just getting tired (really, really tired) of his American paramour) Dawn. I know I am.

Oh, boy! It’s time to strap on the old feedbag again!

And the end of another endless week. What will the Devil’s boit await them?

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…let’s talk about the cartoonist’s brutal but oh-so-satisfying life! And because he’s so much more than a cartoonist—he’s a Great Cartoonist! So great that he should appear in his own cartoon!

Well, the interview with Les’ class was a bust, but really…isn’t everything associated with Les a bust?

A quick little sojourn out to sunny L.A. for Les to, once again, peddle “Lisa’s Sob Story” to the film-making establishment. For the population in China. Yeah, what could go wrong with that!?!??

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Wow! Isn’t that a lovely empty TP roll! Nice work, Jeff Keane! Now work on those trolls that are called “children.”

Don’t let the Man (or the big sister) get you down, Jeffy! You are the shining beacon for low-level IQ holders everywhere!

(We would also have accepted a week-old melted Peep or your coughed up pancreas. Thanks to FB’s Mark Taylor and Fou Foust fot those inspirations!)

Wow…this might actually be a slight (yeah, I said SLIGHT) reference to the Covid-19 pandemic, as the Family Circus rockets into the 21st Century from the 1970s!

Bottom Line: everyone hates Jeffy.

I’d like to think that stupid little Jeffy occasionally turns the tables on stupid little Dolly…

Introducing #45 Covid Buster! Would the Li’l Orange Menace doubt the Big Orange one?

The Keane household is just burgeoning with Good Health and Good Sanitation. It’s a miracle that any of the little Melonheads ever come out of the bathroom.

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It’s not that we haven’t seen Wilbur lately, but we haven’t seen Wilbur lately. I hope things are still going gang-busters with Estelle!

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Well, the story’s over. There was a tiny forest fire, and Kevin got lost then found, then everyone was reunited, then the Crowleys are going to adopt Kevin, and nothing much else happens aside from the self-congratulations…

And sea-monkeys. Because someone mentioned that Mrs. Crowley and the kids look like sea-monkeys. And you know what? They’re right!

The story might be officially or interesting-worthy over, but there are always a couple of loose ends to tie up…

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Guess who’s on her way to the most contagious contaminated interesting place on earth?!??

Hugo and Dawn are reunited! And could it be that Dawn has forgotten all about his insufferable self? Well, if she has, she’s quite a dolt!

I’m sure that Dawn can overlook his little eccentrities, right? There’s so much more to concentrate upon!

Hon! Hon! Hon! Today is another day, oui? And there’s so much to see in NYC, like a 40-year-old movie!

Yeah, like this little put-down of the Great American Theater (not Theatre, like those stuffy Brits), is going to result in a MONSTROUS blow-up in the Sunday strip…dream on, folks.

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