By bats | April 15, 2020 - 1:52 pm
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Wow! Isn’t that a lovely empty TP roll! Nice work, Jeff Keane! Now work on those trolls that are called “children.”

Don’t let the Man (or the big sister) get you down, Jeffy! You are the shining beacon for low-level IQ holders everywhere!

(We would also have accepted a week-old melted Peep or your coughed up pancreas. Thanks to FB’s Mark Taylor and Fou Foust fot those inspirations!)

Wow…this might actually be a slight (yeah, I said SLIGHT) reference to the Covid-19 pandemic, as the Family Circus rockets into the 21st Century from the 1970s!

Bottom Line: everyone hates Jeffy.

I’d like to think that stupid little Jeffy occasionally turns the tables on stupid little Dolly…

Introducing #45 Covid Buster! Would the Li’l Orange Menace doubt the Big Orange one?

The Keane household is just burgeoning with Good Health and Good Sanitation. It’s a miracle that any of the little Melonheads ever come out of the bathroom.

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