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Tolstoy? Some ZZ Top dude? Leon Russell?  You decide!  I’ve found my own, personal, Je… oh, never mind.

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‘cuz kittehs and teh gay agenda of not being teh gay never get old!

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After six weeks or so of  “Dawn:  Portrait of an Internet Addict,” which shamelessly cut Mary out of the action (such as it was), here’s something I can live with (thanks to CC’s Swordsmith for the inspiration):

Hey, let’s try a second episode:

Shall we go for the hat trick?

I have no idea where I’m going, but this handbasket is surprisingly comfortable!

Then again, I don’t know if I can keep up this (lack of) furious pace.  With Wilbur droning on about reconnecting with Dan, and the Phantom and the Python playing chicken with each other…

And with the return of Dr. Drew to the States, you just know this story-arc is over.

But it’s not over ’til the fat man puts on his Speed-o.  Yes, it’s time for a Charterstone Pool Party!

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I think Mark may still have some of that allergy medication in his system, but he knows what he knows!

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Fun things to do while BMcE is off whoring his new compilation:

[Ooooooooooooooooooh…I just LOVE that kitty tum!]

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Mommy changing PJ’s diaper (not that I had any desire at all to see such a thing).

And then things went south (snerk):

No doubt about it.  I gotta stop reading Family Circus:

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(well, or creepy, or whatever.  This had to be one of the bottom-of-the-barrel Mary Worth plots in recent history.)

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Yay, pollen! If it weren’t for you, we could kiss a lot of things good-bye…apples…squash…hayfever…

And who better to talk about pollen and its distributors than Mark Trail himself?

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