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At this rate, the ship stores will be empty by noon.

And with the worried look on June’s face:

We should all remember those famous words of Muffaroo, one of the Comics Curmudgeon‘s site’s poets laureate:

Little Willy, Boston bound
Turned up in the Lost and Found.
June found him alone with Rex.
Like all of us, she thought of sex.

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Let this be a lesson to you, little Miss Know-It-All.

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This is what I get for watching Season 1 of “Dexter” in three or less days.

And just as rearranging the letters in “KELRAST” spell “STALKER,” rearranging the letters in “BLOOM” spell “MOB LO.”  Creeeeeeepy!

UPDATE ON TASER-MANIA: I don’t read Marvin.  It looks insipid enough from the drawing style, and from what other folks say, the insipidity goes down to the bone (or the text, as it may be).  Still, a little jolt of humor never hurts, does it?

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It looks like Rusty is going to engineer his own escape from the bank robbers, if he doesn’t break a leg in the process.  But what’s more important, is some cuter than the dickens frames of his puppy Sassy.  If it weren’t for thugs in hot pursuit, this would be so totally Disney (come to think of it, a lot of the Disney classics do have hapless thugs…).

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Alas! Alack!  Adrian Cory’s One True Love is a swindler! A thief! A bigamist!

How could a smart, young professional like Adrian have judged him so inaccurately? Just hope she’s not one of the doctors in your HMO.

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Love is… was creepy from the starting gate.  Two naked kids (no hint of puberty, still they have kids, wear stiletto heels and fishnets, go to work, drive cars, bring flowers, think romantic thoughts) are “married” and profess their love for each other in Twitter-long nuggets.  Mix in the tragic story of the creator of the strip dying young and then his wife pressing on and then dying a little older, and the offspring soldiering on with this mess.  Funky Winkerbean is a walk in the park, by comparison.

I avoid it as much as possible, but there are times…

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…between “gladiator movies” and “Turkish prisons”…

(If not, it should’ve been!)

And if this weren’t enough, someone at CC points out Sarah’s fabulous line in the second throw-away panel, so here’s my “Extended Edition/Director’s Cut”:

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This took virtually no effort.  In a classy fern bar, Sam remains clueless.

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I must be the only person who’s never seen When Harry Met Sally, because I loathe Meg Ryan.  Still, I can appropriate the title, and Willy’s mop-top gives Meg’s bed-head a run for its money.

There’s been a lot of panels to have fun with, and I’m sorta, kinda trying to stay away from the very most obvious direction:

Okay, sometimes avoiding that direction works, sometimes not:

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Whew! A metric buttload of comics paid tribute to Earth Day on 22 April, some well, and some not-so-well.  Mary Worth even interrupted an explosive confrontation between Adrian Cory and her fiance’ Ted to honor the planet.  Nevertheless, Mary is an avid tree-hugger (as long as there’s no messy bark or sticky sap), and she recycled the Earth Day strip for the next day’s news.  Way to save the planet, Mare!

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