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But what’s REALLY important: Wilbutt and Dawn, Together Again!

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By bats | July 24, 2022 - 7:21 pm
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Like Dawn is going to let Jared steal her limelight!

Then again, NOTHING trumps Mary Worth!

Jared bares his soul to Mary…

It ain’t over yet…

And if you think Mary’s going to let up…

Mary goes in for the kill!

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Why, yes…it’s another salad day for Dawn and her nameless friend!

Of course, Dawn isn’t bitter…

…she’s just something less than bitter…


At least Dawn knows who her REAL friends are!

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This means the Sunday spectacular will be…um…spectacular, I guess…

Or maybe not…

If this is Monday, it must be gelatin…

Go for it, Jess…that Jared’s a real keeper! (blarf!)

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It seems that Jess needs to confide in Jerad…thank Gawd he’s a medical professional!

And at least Jerad’s got nothing better to do than listen to Jess, or at least fantacise about Star Wars…

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We take time off to ignore Dawn and Jared, and celebrate the Fourth…with MARY and DR. JEFF and IAN and TOBY and even stupid old WILBUTT…..Happy Independence Day!

Well, it’s back to 7/5/2022 and Jared’s blech of a life…

The Grand Reunion!

Oh, that seductive Jerad!

Will Jerad “go for it”? Who knows? And moreover, WHO CARES???

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Speechless, in Italian…

And there are times when no one gives a crap about musical notation…

At least there are times when things really do come to an end…

Meanwhile, some other horndogs in 9 Chickweed Lane:

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