By bats | August 28, 2012 - 11:58 am
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This better be the LAST strip dedicated to Life is Brutal/Well Maybe Not/Gimme Back My Column You Old Bat!  It’s Saturday, the HARROWING rescue has been reprised for the last week, it’s Saturday, and tomorrow’s Sunday, and if we eight more panels of this tomorrow, cannoli will roll! Capise?

UPDATE: There was no pool party.  There was more yammering about this. The current Mary Worth plot is on an one-way track to Sucksville.  Booo!

UPDATE, Take 2: Even worse, Wilbur’s editor thinks a “No Shit, There I Was” SERIES…SERIES! MORE THAN ONE! FOR WEEKS ON FREAKIN’ END! of Wilbur’s harrowing adventure is a good idea!


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