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The Unsinkable Wilbur Weston! The role that Debbie Reynolds was born to play!

There are so many folks at The Comics Curmudgeon smitten with Wilbur’s delighted response to the possibly becoming a Real Riter Writer, that I had to include them here.  Maybe he’s saying something (hence the caption balloon), or maybe its the gestures along…if you’ve got suggestions for the Jolly Man, I’ll post them!

The man of the hour:

Some GREAT comments:

“The image of Wilbur is horrifying enough. I’m just grateful that we’re spared the sight of his erection.” — Gladly, the cross-eyed bear

“Wilbur is so excited that he is jazz handsing.” — Liam

“I hope Wilbur doesn’t sprain his hands with that Jolson routine. He’s going to need them to wring A WEEKLY SERIES out of one incident.” — missal

“I’d like panel 2 better if it just had Wilbur saying “SQUEEEEE!”” — Esther Blodgett (done and done)

“Wilbur = Paul Lynde. Saw it right away.” — Chaze

“I think the dialogue’s been screwed up. Clearly, panels one and two show Wilbur falling for the old ‘pull-my-finger’ gag.” — Hibbleton

“Wilbur, unhinged by his experience, now believes himself to be Moses. “I shouldn’t be alive, but I AM saved me! I AM sent me to spread the new commandments in my low-circulation advice column!”” — This Guy

““Yes I Can!”, Starring Sammy Davis, Jr., as Wilbur!” — Nehemiah Scudder


And some scenes I think we’d all like to see (within reason. or maybe not.):

“Given Wilb’s adipose avoirdupois, I suspect he’s unsinkable, short of a Harpoon.” — Écureuil Écumant

“How ironic will it be when, the same day that his first “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” article gets printed, Wilbur chokes to death on a celebratory ham sandwich?” — KreatureFeatures

“Wilbur looks like he’s channeling 1970s Liza Minnelli.  “IT’S WILBURRRRRR — WITH A ZZZZZZ” (or a beef on weck…with mayo).” — UncleJeff

“What the Hell is that? Mary Worth’s vibrator?” — Calico

““Yes I Can!”, Starring Sammy Davis, Jr., as Wilbur!” — Nehemiah Scudder


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