By bats | July 28, 2008 - 2:20 pm
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What do you need to know about Lu Ann from Apartment 3G?
She’s an aspiring artist.
She’s either been haunted by or has hallucinations about a minor 19th C. American painter living in her studio.
Her boyfriend Alan is a drug addict who’s currently thinking about making a career out of selling drugs.
She’s a ditz.

And in this original panel, Lu Ann had just heard that The Prairie Conservancy is interested in her wildflower paintings and that it was flying her out to SOUTH DAKOTA!!! Yes, she was this excited about going to SOUTH DAKOTA!!! If you had only one wish, that for an absolutely dream vacation, wouldn’t we all want to go to SOUTH DAKOTA!!!?

Anyone who’s that delirious about going to SOUTH DAKOTA!!! sets off all sorts of alarms for me…

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