By bats | February 23, 2010 - 12:32 pm

There will be a Comics Curmudgeon Meet-up in the D.C. area on 22 May.  While I’m not likely to be in attendance, I can be their virtually, wearing my virtual commemorative t-shirt with virtual copyright-violating  snark on it.

(And yeah, the only reason this design jumped out at several CCers was the Sunday Mark Trail, in which the fact that Ceylon lorikeets sleep upside down like bats (I did not know that), was superseded only by the fact that when lorikieets get wasted on fermented fruit and palm wine (where do they get palm wine? Are there jungle liquor stores in Ceylon/Sri Lanka? Are those the little bottles like Bartles & James wine cooler come in, or are they more like 40-ouncers?), they develop little bubbles and wavies around their heads.  Too cute!)

Maybe this could be the little illustration above the pocket on the front of the shirt:


And this could be on the back  (I think both designs would look best on a “Mark Trail Khaki” shirt)  :


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