By bats | July 10, 2023 - 2:51 pm
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I don’t know how long this will hold my interest, but Rex and June heard fireworks in their tony neighborhood during the Fourth of July and just had to check it out (well, it sounded like someone got it in the keister)…

And just remember…

Rex decides to go for it and begin doing surgeries at the hospital!

And just when Mud is trying to be good, here comes sleazy art-con Rene!

The two Masters of the Finger…our heroic, doltish Rex and the constant villain, Rene! Gentlemen, start your phalanges!

Mud’s accountant reminded me of someone, in a weird way…

Rene turns himself into the cops! He’s a reformed man! The Good Citizens hear of it on TV and are confused…is it real or just some sort of hokum? And while you’ve heard of “gaslighting,” what the hell is “lampshading?!??

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