By bats | February 3, 2022 - 7:17 pm
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So a bogus art teacher is attempting to blakmail the Morgan…whatever will they do?!??

Excitement builds (then again, this is Rex Morgan…)!

New Adventure! Comic Book creator’s wife has a baby! Sarah angles for another baby in the house!

Hey, Sawah…don’r you have schoolwork or masturbation or something to keep you occupied?

How about some interest (yeah, yeah, curb your excitement) for Rex’s new patient…a vigilante? It’s the Street Sweeper! (How stupid is that???) Even the other ne’er-do-wells in Morganville think this is lame.

Could it be these thugs are more interesting than Morgan and Family? Quite possibly.

When the “Street Sweeper” sends the bad guys running, he has to find something…or someone…to keep his hard work noticeable to John Q. Public…like a drunk planning on DRIVING!!!

Drunks are more fun to deal with than dyed-in-the-wool thugs!

It’s always Monday somewhere…

Most folks don’t realize how sympathetic and caring Rex really is…

It’s tough being a low-life thug…

I mean it!

Time to call DR. REX MORGAN!!

Dr. Morgan always knows the correct response…

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