By bats | May 21, 2020 - 10:34 am

I have no idea what’s going on in The Phantom…okay, long story short:
Kit and Devil found the wounded lion; Kit put it down mercifully (the lion didn’t go down without a fight). Kit and Devil ate the lion’s heart to honour it, as Llongo warriors do; Devil went to sleep beside the lion’s carcass; he and Kit slept through the night; Kit woke up the next morning to find the lion gone…and now it’s back!!
(I’m speculating that something hit Kit on the head (coconut?), and this is a hallucination…)

There was also a beautiful panel of Devil sleeping beside the lion…some thing just can’t be parodied.

An attempt to find the dead lion turns up nothing (hint: don’t go “soakin” at any place with Forbidden in its name, Kit)…

I knew nothign good was going to come from a long “soak”; you can be a realy jerk, Kit.

Someone has been lurking around Phantom’s little lagoon o’ laziness!

Ah, Man’s best friend (who gets cheesed off at back-handed compliments):

My Gosh! The Phantom keeps wandeding…will the madness never end?!??

No, I guess not.

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