By bats | October 27, 2021 - 12:50 pm

She’s back, and she’s apparently a Wonderful Archery Teacher…so how could this be trouble with a hoard of grade-schoolers and Luann?

Actually, I only snaked on this because the pissy “principal” of this after-school program can’ form whole sentences, or even partial sentences, or throw in an occasional part of speech.

So Luann got called on the carpet (just not a dirty red one, like Tara’s)….

I like how incompetent, etc., leaders are just shuffled around Kids 1st (like the LDS and Roman Catholic Churches, for starters…)

I guess it’s about time to be bored to tears with Bernice and what passes for romance.

And someone hasn’t scooped this sad-sack up yet?!?? Then again, she’d probably kill a pet rock (there ARE more important things in her life, you know…

It seems the storyline, such as it is, has something to do with Bornice’s love-life. Or lack of it. But we ought to keep in mind what a huge intellect she has…

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