By bats | January 23, 2021 - 10:12 pm
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…I have NO idea what a “Homeric tip” is. Considering this skank has been masturbating on and over the back of the booth shared by that nerd Amos (and simultaneously with her boyfriend in her own booth, too), I can only imagine the obvious Homeric tip…

This week has been especially stupid (there. I said it.) It was only salvaged by folks cutting off the last panel of the Friday strip (yes, it was that stupid) and someone commenting that it would’ve been improved, had Amos farted.
So I tried that, and yes, it worked! Thanks to Pat F. and Ed H.!

I’m fairly sure 9 Chickweed Lane could be distributed in high school Sex Education classes as a deterrent…

The little bistro so near home is really a hot spot. Or maybe it’s just a cheap rendezvous place, away from the kids.

Can’t the restaurant get a restraining order or something?

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