By bats | March 29, 2013 - 2:22 pm
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The new old harridan at Charterstone, Elinor Kinley, has been likened to

Christopher Walken (a lot);
Peter Lorre;
Kelsey Grammer’s mom;
Steve Buscemi;
A Sith Lord (if not the Emperor);
The Scream;
The big-headed aliens in the pilot of the original Star Trek series (the one with Captain Pike…beeeeep!).


Today’s reminded me of Andy Serkis’ absolutely wonderful Gollum (as it did for CC’s Calvin’s Cardboard Box.  Yay! I’m not alone!).  I wish the rendition had turned out better.  Oh, well…on to other things.  (Still, it calls to me…)

New MW

Throwing in the towel on this…you win, Mr. Giella!

Elinore 2


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