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…although Estelle would probably have to hire a front-loader to move Wilbutt’s obese carcass. (Someone on the Readers of the Comics Curmudgeon actually suggested that I had a Dark Side).
What? I took him that long to discover it?!??

So now it’s El Dumpo Weston wandering about, pitying himself because that’s about all…

Wilbutt makes the ultimate sacrifice and TALKS to another person! Is he a saint, or what?!??

OMG! Saul is STILL talking to Wilbutt!

On to She who Sees All, Knows All, and Tells All…especially if you perk up and watch yourself!

How can Wilbutt resist?!??

Good thing it’s market day…at least if you’re Wilbutt.

Don’t forget the Tough Love, Mary!

It’d be cool if Wilbutt decided to court Eve. And Saul and/or Greta beat the crap out of him.

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