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What pisses me off (more than just stealing your old dead dad’s work and reusing it two or three or n number of times) is that Grown-up Jeffy is too farkin’ lazy to spend 5–minutes using a “modern” grocery store name on the bags….Smitty’s went out of business/sold out in Arizona at least 15 years ago!

How about listening to dull-witted Jeffy every once in a while?

What fun! A trip to the…garden hose…thie high-pressure one…

No one seems immune from celebrating the holiday…

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Meanwhile, could Kit really be dead? Could his son be disavowing any knowledge of him?

The end(?) of Mozz’ tale of boredom:

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While Dawn gently weeps, Jared goes on a picnic!!!

Here we go! It’s a regular pic-a-nic, courtesy of that ladie’s man Jerad!

You know that the chicken mulluk sandwiches are going to be collateral damage…

You can almost hear the birds chirping and the ants planning their assault…

Things heat up a little…

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With Mary and her meddling out of the way, let the reconciliation begin!

How much of a schmuck are you if you lie for your cat?!??

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Sadly, Dawn survives the nighmares…

Now it becomes a waking nightmare… hi, Mary!

And in the event that Dad has reservations….

You just know that confiding in Mary will take the better part of a week…

Yet, maybe Dawn can make the best of it…

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A brand-new week! Too bad we’re still stuck in the Weston condo…

Take a nap, Dawn…everything will turn out all right!

Somehow, sleep never comes…

Things begin to clear up for Miss “How can it be MY fault?”….

At last, peaceful, serene sleep!

It gets worse…

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Please be Monkey pox…please be Monkey pox…

And just in case, the Keane Konglomerate refuses the News in the 21st Century:

Then again, kids pushing ALL the buttons in an elevator is always a laff riot:

A cheap Keane shout-out to “China Lil’s,” a restaurant in Scottsdale, AS that ran 1960-1969. It was run by Jack Song. And now you know how old this comice has been run. And Re-run. Again and again and again.

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But what’s REALLY important: Wilbutt and Dawn, Together Again!

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Like Dawn is going to let Jared steal her limelight!

Then again, NOTHING trumps Mary Worth!

Jared bares his soul to Mary…

It ain’t over yet…

And if you think Mary’s going to let up…

Mary goes in for the kill!

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Why, yes…it’s another salad day for Dawn and her nameless friend!

Of course, Dawn isn’t bitter…

…she’s just something less than bitter…


At least Dawn knows who her REAL friends are!

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