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This may not be as easy as Mary expects…but she’s always been up to challenge!

Mary 1 Madi 0…Mary’s got the little brat crying!

And we’re up to Mary 2 Madi 0…plus a trip to the Emergency Room!

And it’s a sweep….Mary takes the tourney!

Time to head back into the condo, so Madi can hurl on Mary’s priceless Oriental Rug…

Please be the end. Please.

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By bats | July 7, 2020 - 11:33 am
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There’s going to be a sensational movie made! About one of Mark’s sensational nature adventures! Featuring one of Hollywood’s sensational stars! Anything’s gotta be better than the Funky Winkerbean drek…

Wanna talk about weird? James Allen, who we all knew was going to leave Mark Trail (which involved a long, rather ugly back-story) has apparently left in late July, in the midst of the making of a the sensational movie of Mark’s life (and the star of the film desperately needs a drink, too!)! It’s like leaving that goofball cryptozoologist on the top of Mount Everest…HAW HAW!
So now what? Apparently the Syndicate(tm) is running an old Jack Elrod-era story! As if the previous two months had never happened! As if Rusty wasn’t outgrowing his strange, misshapen form!
Some people may just sit by…but not this someone! Is it a real repeated story…or something more sinister? Have you found yourself wondering what has happened to Dawn Weston and her two paramours? I’ve wondered (even if I couldn’t remember what Pepe le Pew’s actual name was). I think the mystery unfolds in Lost Forest…

So, Andy finds the abandoned little cat and takes her home. Cherry and Mark welcome “Tabby” into their Lost Forest home. I like this.

Of course, some dumb animals just don’t want to be friends. Or lunch.

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And we’re off on the road to Morocco (or Disneyland, or Wally World, or Gramma’s house…)

Plugger Love…

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And Amos and Edda still have about the squinkiest (not necessarily in a good way) strip in the comics! Some things never change.
(And all I did was change the words in the last panel.)
(But I wonder what is happening in Panel 3 that is making Amos’ myopic eyes bug out…)

Ah, the two lovebirds (I think they’re called “twits”) go on. and on. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end…

And when you just can’t take a cartoonist (or artist. or Artiste.) drawing any more writhing undulations drolleries of his nymph of a daughter the two main characters in his strip, you may as well launch her into another strip (Take two opttions — Mark’s tough, he ca take it!

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…or something like that!

It’s always best to approach a problem slowly and diligently (and if you get side-tracked, so be it):

THANK YOU, MARY! Christmas is coming early in 2020!

“My Luncheon with Mary” has gone nearly a week without anyone being defenestrated. I am shocked. OTOH, Mary and Madi just might be hitting things off…

Actually, this get-together isn’t so bad, after all…

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This complete lack of attention — I’d blame someone, too…

This at-home schooling is finally paying off. Billy is getting smarter with each passing day!

Ripped from the headlines!

Piano-sales in the U.S. continue to take a nose-dive…

Isn’t it amazing how a 60+ year-old comic can seem so topical?

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By bats | June 27, 2020 - 4:52 pm

Luann isn’t in it! There are a few bumps along the way…

And when we say “what a mutha Ann will make,” we mean it. Give her nothing less than hell, Tiffany!

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…unfortunately, this is nothing like it.

But wait…there’s more!

So now Saul has to rescue Greta…

But at least, the basic ground rules with their unwanted guest have been laid (yay!):

And the good ideas just keep on coming…

Fortunately, help is on the way…I think.

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By bats | June 18, 2020 - 11:28 am
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It’s nearly summer, and that means repeats! Let’s relive those exciting chapters in the comics, when Rex Morgan, M.D., met his wife June (stop that whining right now!).

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It could be any minute now….Madi, or Death, or Mary Worth jogging by, or Death, or Dawn and Jared strolling along, or Death Death Death!


Saul and Lyle say their goodbyes…

And now we get those little surprises…

Don’t worry, Saul. I think Greta will deal with the Madi dynamics…

Yep, I was right!

Saul wakes next morning to a terrible surprise…a messy apartment! Whoever could’ve caused it???

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