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What of it? I’m an American, and I collect things. To be honest, I attribute it to my hominid roots of hunting and gatherings. I don’t need some busybody or someone with a Bright Idea like Marie Kondo, or Batuik in his part-time job with some guy named Davis to tell me to get rid of it. If I want to get rid of something, I’ll have a yard sale or put it on CraigsList…I’m not letting Kondo or Batuik get their mitts on it.

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(That’s “summer” in French, you non-crossword puzzle folks.)
Is it possible that Dawn is going to call the shots on this romance? Sacre bleu!

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Then again, one crappy racer made out of scrap lumber looks pretty much like every other crappy racer. Gotta set yourself apart, Thel, and Billy’s thinking ahead!

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… I have never read “Pajama Diaries.” I guess it’s one of those heart-warming (awwwwww, bordering on hork) and often hilarious so they say) family strips. I’m told the woman on the left is the Mom, and the woman on the right is Daughter.
All I know is that CC’s and FB’s ROTCC’s Joe Blevins did away with the text. The result is a pristine, clean strip that, according to a number of readers, only serves to improve the strip.
And for some like me, a strip that needs new, possibly improved, work. Thanks, Joe!

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…that Luann’s Excellent Camping Trip would’ve ended with the dull conclusion of the girls “roughing it,” in the backyard. Heck, it’s Monday, after all.

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I need to keep in mind that Good Things Come to those who wait.
Yeah, sure. Right. In the words of some vulture or other, “Patience, my ass. I’m gonna kill something.”

Wait, wait, wait! Is it even remotely possible that I may have acted too soon? That Rex Morgan’s own sweet Pluggeresque couple is headed down a dark and murky path?!??

Oh, heck. Maybe this geriatric couple isn’t malicious…just muddled and in need of a hug. Or something. Ew.

(For the record, my favorite mashable character in this strip is the good doctor himself. So…where’s the good doctor?!??)

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That’s what I thought when I saw Sunday’s Mark Trail! I was stunned! Then delighted! Mark Trail was showcasing the mysterious GIANT ISOPOD in all its glory for the second time in 11 years! I remember the first strip, in 2008, with the mighty isopod front and center! So majestic! So glorious! So…so…
…so not there. Apparently, I was in a giant isopod phase at the time (I think a few other CC folks were as all), and I absconded with Mark’s usual Sunday format to do my own topic on the Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.
I’m not quite shamefaced, because I think the giant isopod should be celebrated at least once every decade. Well, maybe once every fourscore.
They go back a long time, anyway.

And here’s the “original” giant isopod extravaganza. Enjoy Nature! Especially giant isopods!

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Way too much camping. Way too much idiocy (gunning the engine…)

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Mr. bats :[ suggested this! I am so proud of him!

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…yeah, whatever.

I feel a little explanation is in order. In the mashing of the current Hang-Dog Dawn’s chance meeting with a stranger at the Galleria de Santa Royale, I’m not the only one.
Brigman and Moy start the encounter (boringly enough):

…John L. from Facebook’s “Readers of the Comics Curmudgeon” helps improve upon the story:

…and darn it! If I don’t have to feed the kitty!

(Yep, that’s Mark Trail’s packrat, too.)

I guess it only goes to show that “Many cooks make a turgid plot readable.”

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