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This is gonna be harder than it looks (or, Why Keith Hillend Is Driving All the Way to Taft).

And now, we wait…

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and some strips that we never pay any attention to, mostly.
Like when Marty Moon (who?), a character in Gil Thorpe (WHO?!??) comes home to his lonely apartment, and his faithful dog, “Girl.”

In many of the serial strips, long (read, drawn-out and frankly boring) story lines come with so many complications and inner plots… Like the Phantom’s friend Savarna:

And just another one, because an 18,000-year-old dog frozen in the Siberian permafrost, shouldn’t be

that unusual:

…with out without tusks…

“Mutts” has been running a long (and entertaining, of a sort) story of Guard Dog’s asshole owner (yes, I said it) moving and abandoning the dog. Earl and Mooch find the poor guy, and Earl’s man Ozzie is rushing him to the vet. There’s no snark here, only that Ozzie know the best way to benefit from some cat’s “cat-help.” (I’m lookin’ at you, Mooch…)

Maybe we’ll have a happy ending after all (thank you in advance, Patrick!).

(Of course, I had to mess with it a bit…yeah, it was subtle.)

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What more an be said that TA-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

And Mary BOWS OUT?!??

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(And just a little add-on…)

Good Lord! Did Keith just let Mary in?!??


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A NEW plot?!??

Meanwhile, don’t believe for a minute that Wilbur Weston has been wallowing in self-pity….it’s GOOD WORKS all the way for that noble fellow, a Champion of the Environment!!!

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What a cheap-ass an exclusive wedding! One very privileged guest (read, Mary) in attendance! Too bad Haw Haw McGraw wasn’t there…

Who knew the reception for the WHITE-COLLAR employees of Santa Royale, at poolside, 3:00 sharp…ONLY!!!

You may think “they all live happily ever after,” but really…
(1) do Saul and Eve kiss as clumsily as they hold their cell phones?
(2) is the sound of one guest clapping jubilant, or just sad?
(3) will Justice Sotomayor be invited to Mary’s for the reception?
(4) is Mary really hoping for “Driving Miss Daisy 2: The Road to Aldo’s Curve“?

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Believe it or not, Kit, Kit’s wife (I can never remember her name) and Savarna finally reach the Little House Behind the Waterfall (aka, Kit’s Fortress of Solitude, or something). And someone has beaten them to it!

Looks like Kit, Jr., is all growed up and has to learn the meaning of “child support.”

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You just know how exiting it’s going to be…

Then again, maybe not…

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