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A dislocated shoulder, an angry bear, a twisted ankle — what could possibly be worse for ol’ Mark?



Rex Morgan, M.D.

Oh, well…

New MT 2


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We all know that six weekdays of Apt. 3-G are rehashed into the Sunday edition. Fine. Sometimes cryptic, for lack of space, but usually not, as the plot generally has the velocity of mayonnaise.  Dried-up mayonnaise.

But don’t cut’n’paste the rehash onto new backgrounds and pretend its all new and shiny.  (And don’t leave me to wonder if the color monkeys have been handed blunt-tip safety scissors and given even more resposibilities.)

New A3G 2

Fortunately, the Sunday nightmare ends and we’re back at Jack’s Happiness Falls Vet Clinic…

New A3G 3

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…and then someone has to step in to ruin it.

New MT

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Remember the day-trip that Tommie is making to upstate New York to find a wildlife rehab center for her fawn?  And that the vet in Happiness Falls NY offers her a job (when last we saw Tommie, she was a licensed and practicing R.N./midwife)?

THREE WEEKS GOES BY!  It says that right in narration box!!!  I don’t know what’s more unsettling:  no one has seen Tommie in her place in NYC for nearly a month, or she’s wearing that same damned pink turtleneck that the fawn probably piddled on and that Tommie’s been mucking out stalls in for the last dozen days.  Ewwww.


Is it really Tommie?

New a3g

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Two Words:  So easily.

New Luann

Two More Words: Hi, Mark!

New MT

Four More Words:  Yep.  So very easily.

New Luann 2

Eleven more words:  Will there be anyone like Luann there to ridicule and deride?

New Luann 3

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Sometimes a whole strip doesn’t inspire me, but several do:

New A3G

Even the next day!


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New Luann

But, hey! Or, even “But, hay!”…this might all work out.

New Luann

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New FC

And yet, Jeffy survives, moves on, and always stops to smell the roses…or the asphalt, or something.

New FC 2

Still, the old man isn’t as dumb as he looks…he’s still alive after Thel’s given birth to four melonheads!

Not Keane 299

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…the work proposition from Jack, DVM, was a complete surprise. ‘Cuz vet assistants and nurses are so closely related (most likely the folks of Happiness Falls are desperately trying to find candidates so that the population can outbreed).

New AeG

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And all Spidey had to do was show JJ a few smoooooth moves…New Spiderman

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