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Other issues, more or less having to do with dogfighting, take some folk’s priorities…

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Thank heavens that Mary is so empathetic and consoling and stuff…

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eventually you’ll get a 9 Chickweed Lane with a CAT!!

Meanwhile, back of the beach:

Things happen on the beach (or in the water), and Edda’s too vacuous to understand without an explanation:

And then there’s issues with music critics…

And this illustration leads us to wonder…if it’s not a kiss, is she swallowing his tongue, upper and lower bridgework, and chin? And why is this either entertaining (it’s a comic strip) or romantic (other than just plain eccchy?!??

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And Bernice was his Muse cum model? No, neither can I.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand it’s back to another lame story…

Tiffany gets ahead by remembering and playing her years of old tricks that she’s perfected…you go, girl!!!!
The old bat (your mom, Gunth, will never suspect!

Where in the world is loony little Bets…

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And for the conspiracy theorists in the audience….

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I swear, Dally’s being groomed to aid and abet Mery Worth in her dotage.

And once again, it’s PJ for the Win!!!

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New story….same wandering plot….

And you just thought this was an innocent game, not a March to Glorious Destruction!

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Still no end in sight…it’s dinnertime at the Bum Boat!

Itchin’ to meddle?

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