I don’t quite understand fly-fishing.  Granted, it’s more exciting than golf, but it seems that it would be less exciting than EVERYTHING ELSE ON EARTH!

Okay, that was several year ago before I stumbled across The Comics Curmudgeon (go check that out right now!), and I have to say if it’s good enough for Hollywood moguls, rich-as-Croesus attorneys, messed-up teenagers displaced by Hurricane Katrina, physicians who do something (I guess), eternal heroes and wildlife/wilderness writers, it must be good enough for me!

Kinda noisy and crowded, though…

New MT 2

When will we see Mary Worth in hip-waders, though?  (Damn! Wilbur took his long-lost son fishing, too, didn’t he?)

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By bats | April 17, 2013 - 1:18 pm

Ghost Who Loiters just cannot leave well enough alone…

New Phantom

(an enterprise of Shady Shrew Mega-Corp.  Yes,  Shady is marketing “silk” garments again.)

And just to prove that It’s a Small World After All

New MT

And we’re going to be questioning the wisdom of this trip for some time…

New MT



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Over in the Deep Woods, Old Man Mozz (Village Prophet and Seer) dreams of awful things coming to The Phantom (Village Idiot)! Guran (Village Medicine Man) counsels The Phantom (Village Big Purple Goober) to stay safe, close to home! The Phantom (Ghost-Who-Does-Jerky-Things) longs for Adventure!

What could possibly go wrong?

New Phantom

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Well, suffice it to say that Judge and Mrs. Parker are going to tropical Mexico for their son’s wedding, and Katherine is outfitting the Judge with the latest in early 20th C. exploration gear.  This met with a really frightening expression from Hizzoner, which reminded CC’s Calico of Grumpy Cat.

Which led to a request that I was only too happy to oblige:

Stanley cat

Which led to an opportunity to use the request again:

New JP

(and GC’s on my Facebook profile pic for the moment, too. Nothing succeeds like excess.)

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…particularly if it meant getting rid of Kit, Jr. (aka, “Diaper Boy”).

OTOH, this is a nice little ending.  I love the subtle difference between escaping and not getting away (BOOM vs. BOM, I think, but my Llongo is a touch sketchy).

New Phantom

(The nom nom nom communication was a last-minute inspiration.)

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By bats | March 24, 2013 - 3:29 pm

For some reason (and I’m sure there’s a swell one), the storyline in the weekend Phantom is completely different from the Sunday Phantom.

A pity, really…

New Phantom

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By bats | March 22, 2013 - 5:05 pm

New Phantom

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By bats | March 13, 2013 - 2:25 pm

…but not just yet.  It seems that Kit has a plan.

Spirit Lion has a tummy rumble.

It’s all good.

And even if she’s not added to The Phantom’s menagerie,   I’m stickin’ with her as long as the story lasts!

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By bats | March 11, 2013 - 2:45 pm

I am just smitten with this Androcles/St. Jerome/Aesop twist in The Phantom! Yes, I say this unironically.

It doesn’t stop me from goofing around with it (or, at least, blaming CC’s Hogenmogen).

I’M taking full credit (well, not the drawing part) for this, though…

Gah! I’d already used this lullaby (in the part of the story where Kit is tending to the lioness after removing the electronic doodad in her neck)! Oh, well.  It all goes to show this strip is markedly improved by the presence of the Spirit Lioness:

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By bats | February 25, 2013 - 3:46 pm

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