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…that’s exactly what Tommy’s doing (whether or not Mary suggested it). And it’s paying off, too!

And movin’ on might be a good idea, too.

On and on and on and on….

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Tommy escapes from Mary’s clutches, filled with underbaked banana bread and loads of good advice.
It seems that the banana bread isn’t sitting too well, though…

It appears that things are getting back on track…Mary exercising, Tommy counselin school kids on the EVILS!!! of drugs…

And Tommy still does his best to win Brandy back…

I’m beginning to lose hope…

And sometimes, you just have to put on your big boy Underoos…

Tommy realizes when it’s best to cut ties with toxic relationships and deal with folks who actually appreciate him.

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It was necessary. And you know it. But at least we know that Tommy has a great dinner of canned tuna and onion rings waiting for him!

He may be a reformed druggie, but Tommy remembers his childhood manners. Anyway, when Mary offers banana bread, a little delayed dinner at his own place can’t hurt. Can it? CAN IT???

Leonardo da Renaissance Dude!

And then I begin to ask myself, “Why was I missing Mary in the strip?”

Well, look what we have here! Mary seems to have found it in the fridge…or the cupboard…or under the sink…

Hey, all he did was ask an honest question!

At least if you leave on unfriendly terms, Tommie, you won’t have to haul the old hag’s groceries upstairs anymore…

Don’t do it, Tommy!

WHEW! A whole week of Mary “advising” (read, meddling) Tommy! But we lived through it all, didn’t we?
(well, not the pigeons…)

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So Brandy kicks Tommy to the curb. You know, I never liked Tommy, but I think he’s light years ahead of this chick in getting a little sympathy…

A note! How positively high school!

And as the plot lurches to a stop, with a week of Tommy begging and Brand snubbing, snarkers take thing into their own paws!

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Although the artist is honestly selling beautiful, downtown Santa Royale short; just ask any resident:

Yeah, like Tommy’s in any mood to have a conversation.

Tommy meets up with Vin, an old friend from the “Royale”. What could possibly go wrong?

So Tommy walks the straight and narrow, refusing to partake with his old drug buddy, and he STILL gets all sorts of crap from Brandy!

And sometimes, you just have to cut your losses…

I may as well mention that today is 31 October 2020….creepy on so many levels, Tommy!

You know, I don’t like Tommy. I never liked Tommy. And yet, in this current storyline, Tommy is a regular St. Francis…hit the bricks, Brandy!

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…is usually really, really messed up.

Poor Tommy thought this relationship was a shoe-in…

And then, there’s ALWAYS the ride home (but not before a turgid Sunday strip!).

Now the ride home…

…the ride home…

…the insufferable ride home.

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…even if it’s only for a Sunday.

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With Madi out of the picture, and Saul setting his gaze on a new tenant at Charterstone, we spent two. long. years. decades. weeks with Tommy the ex-druggie and his equally boring girlfriend. This is how the world ends, I began to think.

And then! We’re back to Mary and her minion Toby! It might not be high drama or any sort of good literature, but the time is ripe for some good ol’ snark!

And in the midst of a week of baking a single pan of muffins, Mary divulges a secret to Toby (not that Toby would ever remember it):

The horror continues (hey, it’s October…you gotta expect it).

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…but I’d be lying.

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…but not before a formal invitation:

Suddenly, Madi is a 13-year-old girl, thinking of her future, and one that doesn’t revolve around Charterstone.

At the pool:

And a few more hours at the pool (like there’s somewhere else to go….):

And finally, the final day of a Worthy-ness summer arrives:

But not before a Greta send-off:

I’m Fairly sue that Saul is going to die of old age before Lyle and Madi get out of the driveway.

And as Madi and Lyle drive off into the sunset…

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