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Even if there isn’t a problem…Mary will have an answer!


What could Drew’s problem(s) be? And can Mary well and truly fix them?

A “fashion model to be,” Ashlee, introduces herself to Dr. Drew and they make a date for a photoshoot. What would possibly go wrong?!??

How about Drew actually having to respond to an EMERGENCY at the hospital?!?? No, that kind of think only happens in the comic stri…. oh, never mind.

It’s nice to think that if things go well, Ashlee could be the beautiful, deranged wife of a handsome doctor!

And sometimes second panel isn’t even needed…

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By bats | April 5, 2021 - 12:51 pm
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Week 3849 of the Saul ‘n’ Eve Romance, or something like that.

I begin to wonder whether Saul or Eve has short-term memory loss…or if you can achieve hybrid vigor with memory loss if they BOTH have it…

And if you can believe the current (boring) storyline in Rex Morgan, cross-genre plots very rarely work…

UH-oh…here come the Wazdoodlians!

All these annoying invasions. At least it’s something new.

Intense alien intrigue. Boring hooman conversation.

Yay! We weak hoomans live! Time for Froyo…and a LOT of it!!!

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Does therapy work? You be the judge!

Well, did the expensive therapy work? Maybe, but the biggest piece of news today….PERSON OF COLOR!!! PERSON OF COLOR in today’s Mary Worth! (that sorta looks like a color a real person might have…)

More insights into whether Eve’s problems have been addressed (“solved” is just too much to be hoped.)

Could all Eve and Saul’s problems be solved? Is this the end? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha……

Sunday strips, with their additional blathering, hold so much promise. Well, prepare to be disappointed, losers!

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By bats | March 27, 2021 - 9:38 am
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Oh, yeah, Mary? You’re treading a dangerous line, Worth!

And once again, it’s Sunday, with way to much drivel in way too many panels…

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By bats | March 22, 2021 - 10:51 am
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..and I’m hoping this is it.

All I know is that when Mary pokes her nose in, things are getting close! Maybe.

Uh oh…I think the jig is up.

Hey! At least for one brief, shining moment. Saul is leaving!

First, we ought to be happy that neither recipe features salmon or bananas.
And….that’s about it.

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Just about anything’s better than”Saul and Eve Host the Westminister DOG Show”…

Could it be…the end….

And then it all goes to hell…

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Face it…Saul is happiest with a bowl of people chow set in front of him. Sorry, Eve.

The casual chat circles around to HOW WONDERFUL DOGS ARE!!!!

I swear to Dog, unless evil dead Gary shows up as a zombie to terrorize Charterstone, I am DONE with Saul and Eve’s lame antics!

And yet, this plot drags on… (Yes, that is you-kno-who in the shrubbery.)

How exciting for Eve and Saul to supplement their pensions by making their dogs work! I don’t think therapy dogs actually get paid, though…

This piece of crap storyline just isn’t going to end, no matter how many opportunities there are for a finale.

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By bats | March 2, 2021 - 5:34 pm
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So release the hound!

And to think, a short, ill-tempered Doxie wouldn’t step up to the challenge!

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! Max is found!

It’s a Sunday strip…and SPOILERS! The Saul and Eve and Max and Greta Show bleed into the next week! I’m ending it here.

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By bats | February 22, 2021 - 1:36 pm
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Comics Kingdom has ceased to function, Mary and all the ancillary characters in the strip are dead, and Moy reigns supreme!

This was actually a two-panel weekday strip that I only figured out how the mash the second (below) once I’d finished with the first (above):

The 40-day, 40-night storm continues, along with this interminable storyline. Hope yer likin’ it, kids!

And then Max runs off! with the open door, the lightning, the thunder…whoda thunk it?!??

I TOLD you to watch your step, Saul!

And just when you think your special little dog can do superhuman (or supercanine) things…

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Saul and Eve continue their evening together. It goes on and on. And on and on. And on and on…

Eve continues her long story about her awful marriage to her awful husband Gary; could things get any worse?

I guess so! Gary shooting the dog was a real kerfuffle in toonland (read, a lot of people were really pissed off at Moy’s lack-of-storytelling abilities). At least she made up for it the next day, showing that the innocent were saved…

Yay! Back to the boredom that is a date with eve and Saul…

While their patient dogs wait patiently. Patiently. Patiently…
all the prove the point that animals are dumb.

Could all this pointless yammering herald the end of this pointless storyline?

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