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Oh, come on, Mark…not even Rex is that clueless. All right–maybe he is.

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By bats | April 7, 2008 - 7:53 pm
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Heck, for all I know, Rex might be a yeti under his lab coat. What was under the towel wasn’t clear, even to June. (The original was a Plugger panel, hence the Byzantine title.)

Anyway, I love his incisive mind, and that great “what, me worry?” attitude. He needs to read the fridge a little more often, though.

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I might as well catch up to the Rex Morgan story arc, especially since it has derailed a little (or chugged onto a siding), with Abbey (the dog) going to the vet and Becka (the nurse) morphing into an android, or something. Need. more. Count. Morgu! OTOH, a little Dr. Phil goes a long way.

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This was a little creepy, even for me, but when two Sunday FOOBs are published on the same day, I begin looking for conspiracy theories, Freudian psychosexual implications, little green men, and some thread, however thin and insubstantial, to tie it all together.

(The Julie Taymor film version of Titus Andronicus was pretty damned cool. Several thumbs up. And a couple of heads.)

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Loramir from CC brought up an interesting point: several characters in several soapy comic strips share the same name.

It’s not like there’s a chance that we’re going to run out of “normal” names anytime soon. And evidently there’s a trend, at least in the U.S., of giving companion animals “human names” rather than traditional names like Fido or Fluffy or Getthehelloffofthat. I don’t know why…I asked a fellow who owned a dachshund, “Henry,” why he’d named the dog that: “Because pet names are stupid.” Okay. For the record, I’ve also known a dachshund by the name of “Daniel,” so maybe it’s a thing with wiener dogs.

Anyway, this is sort of a PSA/field guide to some of the potentially-confusing character names in our favorite soaps.

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Frankly, we don’t know how long ago Mary Worth’s childhood was, and we can only wish it were far, far away. Still plagued with platitudes it is, yes…

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I think this particular horse has been beaten to death…maybe the next pre-nuptial adventure will be hiring a caterer! Or a band! Oh, heck, now that Liz has the Wedding Gown of Her Dreams (or at least the Wedding Gown of Everyone’s Elses Dreams), perhaps it’s time to exact some vengeance on her hapless bridesmaids.

There was a lot of speculation and discussion whether her grandmother’s wedding dress was accurate for the time period in which Jim and Marian married: the general consensus was that it was about as plausible as little Mary Worth and her little friend Cathy galavanting around in 70s fashions. No, not the 1870s. In the meantime, I abandoned the whole period wedding dress issue and put Liz in an oh-so-sexy, retina-burning, 50’s-vintage sheer black gown, as offered by eBay (where all the trendy brides shop), for Something Special to wear on her wedding night.

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Yes, I was, a few posts below with Andy the Wonderdog, I did this some time ago when Big Hair Grandma Keane had dug into her “Grandma’s Big Book of Cloying Sayings to Needlework” and was spouting something to Jeffy about love and wings (or love and wings and nuts and berries and other bits of forest detritus). Ah…the original showed Jeffy flapping his arms like a lunatic while telling Big Daddy Keane and Thel, “Grandma says parents should give their children love and wings.”.

Other than retorting that parents should give Grandma a good, swift kick, I’ll just mention that 20% of mammalian species are bats. Cool fact, huh? Feel free to toss it about at your next cocktail party. I loved my Mammalogy class (yay to Dr. Cockrum and Ronnie and Yar!). Bats are just perfect, and you shouldn’t tamper with perfection.

On the other hand, Jeffy and the rest are open for ridicule.

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While there’s a slight detour in the action, with June taking Abbey to the vet and answering Sarah’s questions about MRSA (or is that the other way around? Abbey is a pretty cunning canine), I’ll recap some of the more exciting (woo) action from the past week…

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I think this was based on the cover of one of the countless collections. It needed help. Well, I thought it needed help, or the characters needed help (nudge nudge wink wink say no more).

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