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Once again, Rex is back among his people — adolescent boys! And in case you don’t think the solid and staid Dr. Morgan learned anything from his fishing trip with teen heart-throb Niki, just see how he communicates with Generation Something-or-Other.

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By bats | June 22, 2008 - 2:58 pm
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Fun with Dr. Andy! Need I say more? (or is that Morgu?)

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Messing around with CC’s Uncle Lumpy’s “drop in” dialog worked pretty well on its second attempt:

And then crapped out on the third and final attempt (no thanks to some people, even if they are merely two-dimensional):

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By bats | June 18, 2008 - 10:00 pm
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Let’s see, Dee is helping Elizabeth alter her grandmother’s wedding gown, and from the looks of it, it’s a damned good thing Liz modeled it for Grandpa Jim — once Dee is through with it, the poor old fart will probably think that Liz decided to wear one of her grandmother’s lace tablecloths. So much for keeping traditions intact.

Oh, and even without my help, Dee has been doing a magnificent “Welcome to Hell Marriage” campaign for Liz. The Romance never stops in Foobland.

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This was a toughie, but when Rayne Summers, the central character in the webcomic Least I Can Do, rhapsodizes about vagoos (yes, it’s what you think it is), and the CC jokes about Liz Patterson’s golden hoo-hoo collide, Something Had To Be Done.

(I love LICD…great, great comic!)

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Implied sex, a la Abbey and Sam! Yay!

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Oh, those Keanes — they sure love that tooth-rotting, blood sugar-spiking stuff! And it’s every melon-head for himself when it comes to trying to wheedle Gramma Keane out of a piece…

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GAH! Mary might meddle and pontificate something fierce, but Lord save us from 60-something whiners! Don’t tell me there aren’t bucketloads of women close to your age in Santa Royale, Jeff. And you being a la-di-dah doctor, trophy wives start out as trophy girlfriends.

Now shut up!

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By bats | June 16, 2008 - 8:32 pm
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…things at the Rex Morgan Ranch plod along like a dusty cattle drive. (I think “Dipstick” is going to be Rex’s new sidekick, like Hopalong Cassidy, or Stinkybritches Patterson. For the record, I’m stickin’ with Andy, even if he has delicate skin and problems with bright sunlight!)

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In the ongoing FOOB wrangle, there’s a school of thought that the Creatrix is a good enough artist, but that her story-telling ability sucks Hurricane Katrina. CC’s Uncle Lumpy recently did a series of short dialogs using FOOB cast members and the theme of “buying a dishwasher.”

What stunned me is how effortlessly one slipped into a published strip.

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