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Let’s see, Sam Driver goes to Scottsdale to negotiate a better advance for Judge Parker’s book.
He gets it, and the publisher gets it, too.  With a shotgun.
Sam is interviewed by a hot female detective. She doesn’t get it.  Sam’s no whore.
Sam drives to Carefree to go nosing around the dead publisher house. Who cares?

If there’s any action, it’s back at the law firm (heh, she said “firm”).

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By bats | September 6, 2008 - 2:28 pm
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Swearing high, cursing low,
Oh, how *$&#% happy we’ll be!

Hey! We’re outside! There’s water! There’s seagulls! There’s boats! There’s a crusty old salt! Can fun be far behind?!

Prior to Rex’s fortuitous appearance, he chatted briefly with June. And if I did NOTHING to the original strip, it’s worth checking out the original (7 September 2008) for Rex’s too-cute-for words response to June’s compliment:

And over at the Comics Curmudgeon, The Insectoid who Shan’t be Microwaved comments “I can all but hear Rex Morgan uttering a Goofy-esque “Gawrsh!”” You know, that’s a pretty clever Insectoid!

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…they won’t be young forever! Enjoy them while you — wait. These little cretins were supposed to age one year for every four, since the strip was launched on a leap year. Billy should at least be in tech school by now, and Dolly pregnant and unmarried. Feh. Go nuts, Gramma.

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Need we go into what the “M” stands for?

Unfortunately, the pace of things is a wee bit slow in the office, and the old adage of “Pimp out your husband in haste, repent in leisure.” seems to be raising its ugly head:

Ah, but there’s no problem that Rex and June can’t work out together. “All’s well that ends well.” – now if only something would begin so there’d be half a chance of having an end!

Rumor has it that the creators of the real Rex Morgan, M.D. are taking a perverse interest in teasing snarkers, with vaguely filthy commentary, turns of phrases, and the like. Should we be upset? Enraged? Incited to riot?

Nah. I just like playing along. And as long as there aren’t any fart jokes, it’s fine with me. (Even if there are fart jokes, that’s one of those case-by-case issues.) More, more!

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Who says you have to run a dull, boring medical practice? Face it, with Rex’s one-patient-a-week schedule, there’s a lot of down-time. Nevertheless, Rex and June are experts at making the most of those open hours.

Rex follows up on his hobbies…

…and June adds a little to their upcoming Caribbean Cruise “mad money”!

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