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Well, we have seen Rex in nothing more than a towel, but that’s a different topic entirely.

Eventually, even Rex manages to get the **hang** of things…

Oh. And why the hell can’t the color-monkey be consistent from Saturday to Monday as far as Rex’s shirt and Lenore’s windbreaker are concerned?!?

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By bats | October 15, 2008 - 3:59 pm
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Win: the Toby identity-theft snoozefest is over!

Lose: a high-powered, over-controlling parent storyline is about to begin! Who will be able to save sweet, bulemic, figure-skating girl? And who will be dragged, kicking and screaming, along for the ride in the Meddlemobile?

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By bats | October 13, 2008 - 12:55 pm
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Apparently, the fellow who is the illustrator for Rex Morgan has had a long, incredibly cool history of drawing for Marvel comics — lots of superheroes and the like — in addition to doing a stint for the Sunday Phantom and now, Rex Morgan.  Not that his dailies are bad, but on occasion, a characterization is captured with vitality and charm.

Here’s a panel from the 11 October 2008 Rex Morgan, with the two old farts Lenore and Tweaks railing at each other like teenagers (kind of like Amos and Edda in 9 Chickweed Lane), while Rex looks on, just a little less than mortified.

Beautiful drawing — the hand, the expression, everything.

That being said, I have to mess with it a little.

And then, I have to mess with it a lot.  But FABULOUS work, Mr. Nolan! I wish I could’ve bid on some of your panels for the Turkey Shoot Regatta.

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By bats | October 10, 2008 - 11:35 am

I’ve loved this “Coroner’s Bureau” sign ever since Andy Frazer had it on his flickr site (I think it’s in Oakland CA) — I like the idea of a 24/7 morgue, kind of like an open-all-night liquor store.

I had Rex and Andy photoshopped in front of it for months, wondering what I could do with it.  Oh, hoorah…I’ve found a use at last!

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By bats | October 9, 2008 - 3:32 pm

Tinkering around with animation again (sigh).  I’m sure the good folks at the Yacht Club don’t have to stoop to bare-chested, glitzy shenanigans to assure a good turn-out.

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Yes, it seems that the Morganville Hospice Regatta will indeed coincide with the Turkey Shoot Regatta (and I think this is pretty darned cool — if I lived in the area, I’d be out there, even though I have no idea what one does at a Regatta)!

Anyway, it looks like it’s up to Rex (God help us) to get all the ducks in a row, sailors on their boats, panties in a twist…you know, ship-shape! Considering there’s already a well-known Captain Morgan, I guess I’ll just nominate Rex as Admiral Morgan!

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Huzzah! After a three months’ long phishing trip that only Rex Morgan could truly appreciate, it seems the identity-theft story-arc in Mary Worth is finally winding down.  Two weeks of agonizing on Toby’s part (with a good dollop of Mary’s platitudes tossed in) results in Toby deciding to ‘fess up to Ian as to why she hasn’t retiled the kitchen in an artistic, Toby-worthy fashion.

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By bats | October 7, 2008 - 2:46 pm

Yes, the village idiot has figured out how to do simple animations.  No one (aside from some of the crap animators at Adult Swim) has need to worry.

(And what is it with some of the animation at Adult Swim?  You can have crap animation OR crap stories and still have a following (either for intriguing plots or bright, pretty pictures).  But both?)

I might’ve skipped the Fist o’ Justice, but in the 6 October 2008 strip, Mark, running to the evil land developer’s assistance, breaks through the middle panel with none other than his Right Fist o’ Justice! It’s a beautiful thing…

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By bats | October 6, 2008 - 9:15 pm
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Making fun of real people by Photoshopping them into movie posters is one thing.  Doing it with fictional characters?  I don’t know.

Particularly when as I was doing this, I began remembering just how excremental that movie was…

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Boy, oh boy, does Mark Trail get a lot of visitors from his fellow panelists! And evidently some are more welcome than others.

Unfortunately, not all are the leggy creatures that Mark is sometimes fortunate to feature in his Sunday panels.  It’s back to the old grind on Monday, when our favorite forest friend continues investigating the Mystery of the Vanishing Wetlands:

Mark’s Monday adventure elicited a lot of excitement at the Comics Curmudgeon, and I guess I was swept along in the torrent of gatory goodness:

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