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…they’re cartoon characters.

Oh. Wait. So are you.

Carry on. (And thanks to the Comics Curmudgeon’s Hogenmogen for the inspiration! You just know Shady’s up to something…)


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By bats | June 21, 2009 - 3:31 pm
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Don’t tell me that Mary Worth doesn’t look for a silver lining!


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By bats | June 19, 2009 - 11:00 am
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Okay, then. When life gives you lots and lots of panels with June Morgan in a bikini, you do an entire Sunday-sized comic with June in it. Just June.

(Kind of like Jay Leno complaining that the History Channel ought to be renamed “Nazis 24/7,” only that June is way better than Nazis…)


And maybe, finally, with the mystery disease diagnosed, the mystery human trafficker apprehended and whatever else mystery is going on on the S.S. Surly, Rex and June will get a little “we” time:


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By bats | June 17, 2009 - 5:05 pm


I could never figure out how to put this little animation into one of the Mark Trail vs. Toxic Chemical-Dumping strips.  So here it is all by its lonesome.

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One of the Comics Curmudgeon’s readers, chica, linked to several PSA comic books that were published by the government or some educational or do-good agencies in the 1960s, in the attempt to make excruciatingly-boring topics learning FUN!

One featured our favorite General Practioner!


I’m sure it’s filled with useful information on prenatal health and nutrition and good stuff like that. Still, I’m sure other pamphlets might’ve been just as educational:


On the other hand, what many of these agencies always fail to realize it that people read comic books to be entertained — and that means pandering to the lowest common denominator:


Well, Rex. You get points for trying to be conscientious.

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After spending the entire pool party talking about Delilah (rather than Mary and Toby shucking their duds and joining the rest of the Charterstone denizens in an impromptu skinny-dip and community grope-fest*), the Big Day Arrives, and Delilah walks through the door!

Omnem dimittite spem, o vos intrantes.


* Yes, I threw up in my mouth a little as I was writing this.

Speaking of throwing up…


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It seems at times that cartoonists should pool their talents, for the good of their art and their readers. Look at Judge Parker, Rex Morgan, and Mary Worth — serial marriages made in heaven! (On the other hand, don’t look at Family Circus, Crankshaft, Marmaduke…)

If only this week’s contemplation by Garfield and Jon had melded with last week’s introspection by Funky and Les! What masterpieces could have been accomplished!



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Salmon Squares! As the Charterstone pool party ™ winds down, Mary Worth pulls a Jesus-at-the-wedding-in-Cana. Not only do you absolutely know most of the goodies on those picnic tables came from her very own kitchen, by the sweat of her very own wrinkly brow, but Mary save the best for last

…”Best” being a relative term. If you were a French aristocrat living in the late 18th C, you might’ve thought it was “the best of times,” but, sadly, you would’ve been wrong.


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Like a plot.

Well, the human trafficker has been apprehended, Rex had disappeared to “talk” to “the captain,” and we’re stuck in the palatial state suite. Woo. Exciting.


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The blast is courtesy of the lovely Janice Malloy, Max “The Ax” Malloy’s wife.


How sad is it when a simple misspelling is more unintentionally humorous than several years’ worth of Keane Kids misprouncements?

The Charterstone pool party continues to pack ’em in (no matter how loudly they scream for mercy):


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