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…like happiness, different things to different people.


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In the original panel, Big Daddy  is holding Billy up by his ankles, who seems to find this a high point in his educational career:  “Now I know what people in Australia  feel like!”.  Too bad Big Daddy didn’t give Billy a swirlie so he could compare the the Coriolus Effect in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Then again, it seems like Big Daddy had other things in mind:


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By bats | October 21, 2009 - 2:09 pm
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But wait! There’s more!


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Even if there were, I’m feeling much better now:


Well, heck, maybe even Adrian is feeling a little better now, too:


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Yeah, Dick Tracy and FBI Agent Ennen are still going to be eaten by a tiger.  It’s a shame about that already-occupied trapeze…

Then again, it always could be worse:


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Okay,  Shrek’s not in here anywhere, but the shrike (a real bird!) was the guest wildlife in Sunday’s Mark Trail.  It’s a pretty cool little creature, the size of a medium songbird with the ‘tude of a pterodactyl.  Yeah! Kill that vermin! Impale it, like some avian kind of Vlad Tepes! Yeah!


Wow.  Just like Tennyson said, “Nature, red in sharp little beak and weak little toes.”  (That might be a paraphrase, come to think of it.)  Even in black-and-white, the little shrike’s reputation is pretty colossal:


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There seems to have been a lot of the latter recently…


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Sunday’s Mary Worth culminates with a recap of Jeff’s heart-rending soliloquy to Scott.   Scott remains unconscious. Maybe Jeff needs to work on his bedside manner.

I mean, just because you’re unconscious doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate some positive vibes, like some happy talk and a sweet smile. Or even a sexy, sexy one:


Come back, Rex Morgan!

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…the Susan G. Komen Lisa’s Legacy Walk/Run!

Yes, evidently Westview OH is the only place that ever endured the pain and sadness of someone with cancer.  And. Her. Name. Was. Lisa.

And Les? Oh, he’s a freakin’ saint.  He’ll tell you so himself.

Only not everyone believes him:


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And we can only hope that it’s Adrian trilling this.


Of course, all indicators point to Dr. Jeff planning to open his heart to Scott.

Or do they?


I must admit, the October 16 strip is rather poignant. Jeff is indeed having a heart-to-heart tête-à-tête mano a mano with Scott.  I think what’s most moving is how absolutely stark Scott’s hospital room — it’s a pity Santa Royale’s medical system hasn’t upgraded its patient facilities since 1943!

Still, does a shabby environment condone bad behavior?!?


And, of course, the disgusting climax (ahem):


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