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Just like a cat…


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For three days in early November,  the comic strip Zits decided to parody the comic strip love is… . Now, to my way of thinking, Zits isn’t that funny, and love is… has never been funny, but maybe a blend of the two would make the sum greater than its parts.

It’s called heterosis,  or “hybrid vigor” in genetics and plant and animal breeding.

Heterosis apparently does not exist in the comics world, although at least one newspaper in Illinois refused to run the second and third “love isn’t…” strips after getting complaints about the first one.  (That’s pretty funny!)

Anyway, maybe a Zits x love is… cross just wasn’t the right mix.   I hope Gregor Mendel would be pleased with this:


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TJ, the creepy, always-smiling roommate in Luann, has hair.  I don’t know if it’s Jeri-curled, or just Big, but CC’s “Peripheral Visionary” wondered if TJ was just a little behind the times and planning on auditioning for one of those musical groups from the early MTV days when everyone’s hair was like this:  Tears for Fears, Flock of Seagulls, a-ha, Spandex Ballet, etc.

Nah, couldn’t be.

Or could it?


See?  Replacing Curt Smith wasn’t that hard, was it?  (And yes, I had to look up Curt Smith’s name. I just figured one of them was Tears and the other guy was Fears.  Hey, Loggins and Messina, Hall and Oates, Simon and Garfunkel…)


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not-mw-216How exciting is this?  Scott, coming out of his coma?  This could only be topped by Jeff, coming out of …well, you know:


And this panel just kills me:


Scott’s emergence from his coma sets some sort of speed record for anything happening in Mary Worth, too! What a guy!


And now that Scott’s conscious, there’s another person to join the endless Moebius loop of yammering.  Joy unbouded.

(Some folks at The Comics Curmudgeon thought that Adrian’s “happy face” looked a little too anime (I thought she looked like Wednesday Addams smiling in Addams Family Values, which is pretty much Creepy Deluxe).  So here’s an attempt at mangifying Dr. Cory):


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