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Sure there’s Aldo and Chinbeard and Toe-bee and Dawn and Adrian and Charley Smith and the Skipper and the rest…but we’re all here for Mary.

And don’t you forget it!


Even though some people just don’t appreciate her, it seems:


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…that’s what we’re talking about here.


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aka, “That Darned Finger!”.  CC’s boubon babe, unbuckled asked that something be done to/with/for Sam Driver’s waving digit.  This was the quick response:


This took a little longer:


Yeah, sex jokes and fart jokes.  I’m so ashamed…

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…and I knew there had to be a reason.


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…you have to expect some problems.

Thanks to CC’s commodorejohn for the suggestion of mashing the guys on land and the guys at sea.


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…f9r they shall shop for Rex’s castoffs at a downtown Goodwill store.


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The city that never sleeps!  The city with a million stories!

Most of them boring.

Somewhere in an apartment on the upper south side (maybe), Ruby, hairdresser, wedding planner and faded Southern belle, “keeps company” with her mystery man “Lyle”.  As that isn’t a particularly popular men’s name, the speculation mounts:


Meanwhile,  Music and Culture abound throughout the city.  Then the hoi polloi shows up.  Unfortunately it’s not the fun and funny Marx Brothers sort of hoi polloi:


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…you poor, stupid thing:  do you really want an answer?


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If you run out of ideas, start philosophizin’ using popular culture references! Who cares if they’re well-known (Peanuts) or obscure (Star Trek: Yet Another Lame TV Spin-off with Even Lousier Ratings than the One Previous).

Batiuk, if you want to talk about the “Happiness Police”, try to keep to the subject:


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