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Marvin’s readers are constantly barraged with both — it’s like visiting the Monkey House at the zoo.  Even so, even these jokes run thin, so let’s introduce snot!

Let’s not.  An effort to class up a classless comic strip by working on frozen snotsicles…


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…can “Toots” live up to the excitement of  Cue?  Niki?  The Donut Kid? Or Count Morgu?  We might have to put that ol’ network “spin” on things…


I don’t think “The Big Bang Theory” has a whole lot to worry about.

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new-fcI wonder if anyone ever wanted to be a member of the Family Circus family, you know growing up and wishing to be a pal of Superman or a member of the Justice League, or traveling through the jungle with Tarzan, or realizing that the kids in “Peanuts” weren’t so different from you…

Nah. Probably not.


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Mark Trail, 1956.

Total dedication to the environment.

Ruthless anger toward anyone who defies him.

Right Fist o’ Justice:  meting out what’s right for over a half century!


And pretty dang exciting, too!  Not since the MRSA outbreak have tempers run so high!

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The week of 24 January was one of hawt, haunchy goodness in the comic strips. What, you don’t believe me?


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