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I can’t even start explaining this story.  Other than 10 years after the war, Edda’s grandmother runs into her Nazi Austrian boy-toy in the concert halls of New York, and thinking her Yankee boy-toy is dead, renews their acquaintance.  Yeah, close enough.


Of course, the road to hell is paved with good intentions (or some other synthetic material)…


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But Big Daddy Bil should also realize what goes around comes around.  Treat others as you would have them treat you.  All that good stuff.

And if you don’t? Payback is a bitch:


Don’t believe him, Daddy?  See what Mommy has to say, courtesy of Dean Booth:

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…and he and Mary have a lot of catching up to do (because Mary says so!).


Um. Has anyone noticed that the “special” room at the Bum Boat isn’t so much secluded and romantic as it is eldritch and creepy:


Okay. It’s not just me.

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Every once in a while, the Narration Box for The Phantom pops out some “Old Jungle Saying,” and while I’m sure it’s wise and profound and all, they sure seem to be Phantomocentric (yes, it’s a word), as if Kit is the walking embodiment of All Things Wise and Profound.

Pthththth on that.  Wisdom can be found everywhere. You just have to know where to look for it.  (Hint: a bright yellow Narration Box is a dead giveaway).


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Love to see.

Pay good money to see.

Kill someone (or rough ’em up a bit) to see.

Example A: Mary Worth getting what-for.


Example B: Les Moore getting what-for (aka, “Oh, Hell NO!“, aka, “Oh, Hell YES!“).


Example C: An explanation why Jeffy Keane is the way he is.


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Not much has been going on at Charterstone.  Yes, Mary’s been helping her neighbor Bonnie own up to her spend-thrift ways.

And god, is that boring!

This small bit of action is about the only action we’ve seen at El Condo de Coma in a couple of months:


I would’ve thought Mary might be repulsed by Bonnie’s eccentric behaviors, but you never know if she doesn’t have a personal agenda.  Or want to know.


Even so (thanks to inspirational musings by many folks over at The Comics Curmudgeon), things don’t always go as Mary planned…


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Yeah, we poke fun at her, the puppy made out of chocolate-chip cookie dough, but way down deep, we love her.

Thank heavens justice will be served (with real maple syrup on the side)!


[CC’s Mibbitmaker thought that BATIUK! would be a great collision sound.  I think it does.]

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Or that the “action” in The Phantom turns once more to Diana. Evidently, Diana is going to be responsible for busting out of prison. Gee, thanks, Kit!

But first…


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Just as long as we all remember:  Margo always wins.


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[Mystery 46 (still unsolved):  No, I don’t know why I’ve been beating up Rusty so much recently.]

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