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(public displays of affection, if, like me, you’re still living in the 20th C.)


And what is more yack-a-licious than…


Just think! If Peter Kiesl had stayed State-side, what opportunities might he and Edie have had?


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Living at Charterstone isn’t one endless pool party.  And when Toby is out for the evening with her husband, and Charley Smith is “entertaining” at his bachelor pad, and Jeff is “off” at an “important” medical “conference,” the hours can drag by…


Apparently even the creators of the Worthian universe have discovered just how boring Mike and Jenna are.

How boring are they?

When it’s less boring to have several days with Mary brushing her hair and talking to herself (or someone) in the mirror:


Or when she’s gone from quoting philosophers and statesmen to 60s-era popular singers, like Paul Anka (thanks to CC’s Buck Ripsnort for discovering that little gem).

Well, as long as she lives in the past with the likes of Anka and Barry Manilow.  My soul just couldn’t take some appropriations:


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Don’t even get me started on this woman-in-danger channel.

And don’t get me started on how I tend to feel embarrassed and humiliated for people, even when I don’t know them.  Like poor Tommie and the bush-whacking she’s walked into:


Whew.  Now I feel better!

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A number of CC folks weren’t so much concerned that Jeffy might never learn to read as to the fact that his legs were missing in the original panel circle.

There had to be a reason for it, and discovering that the wee one’s artistic aspirations go far beyond Daddy’s studio in the garage is quite astonishing:


[I’m sure the fact that a local all-movies/all-the-time TV stations in Tucson was running Moulin Rouge over and over and over had nothing to do with this.]

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From this:


to this (by Dean Booth, who also just made something *snap* in my head):


to this (gee, thanks, Dean!):


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You know, if Dr. Mike had done this during Mardi Gras, he probably would’ve had beads thrown at him.


Well, the obvious didn’t happen (it never does in Mary-Land), but Mike and Jenna dance on the beach (so they don’t have to pay the cover charge for the band playing at the Boardwalk Dance Emporium) to the strains of “Beyond the Sea.”

Me?  I’ve always been partially to “Mack the Knife”…


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And where better than in two soap strips, both of which featuring Young People in Love (or Like, or Blind Date…something like that):


Well, maybe there will be a little more of a “spark” in this one:


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And rather than speculate on the glop being served us tomorrow by the Family Circus (or Mary Worth, speaking of glop), I wonder what an old-fashioned July 4th cook-out would be like on the Morgans’ deck.

Mmmm….hot dogs.  Bratwurst.  Foot-longs.  Kielbasa.  The list goes on and on.


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The fallout from Gunther’s fallout (har!) continues in Luann.   Oh, so many ways for the twists and turns for adolescents to take!

Here’s one!


And here’s another!


Such ribaldry!

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