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Gosh, I love Rex Morgan.  It’s/he’s probably my favorite mashup subject.  Sometimes things get a wee bit dull when he’s not around, but have Rex enter the frame, and It’s All Good.  I think he inspires his fellow characters to do their hysterical best (remember Max “the Ax” Malloy? Lee the Felon? Good times…)


And I’m the first to admit that I don’t read “Pardon My Planet” regularly (nothing personal, it just doesn’t happen).  It must’ve been kismet to have clicked on the Saturday panel…


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The first leg of Les Moore’s “Capitalize on My Dead Wife’s Cancer” tour is complete.  And who else would the smug bastard want to share his success with?


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At least Mary is very good at changing the subject to one that’s more upbeat and exciting for a bride-to-be:


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