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…and who better to promote your purchasing of many, many sub-zero delights?

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Yeah, Billy, you’re getting cagier and cagier, just like your old man.  How else could he keep these “educational” DVDs/VHS tapes/BETA tapes in the house?

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After four panels full o’ text, with big ol’ gay Seth explaining to Fernanda that although he’s really really mega- super-duper GAY, he can appreciate the beauty that she brings to dance and art, we have this.

Me? I’m thinking this isn’t Seth and Fernanda, but rather Edda and Amos, having been “inspired” by the Night o’ Terpsichoral Lust.  Then again, all bets are off if…

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After getting caught up in a spate of 9 Chickweed Lane snark, let’s see how things are going with the diamond-smuggling drug-smuggling fishing trip of the mortally-wounded slightly-grazed hale and hearty Mark Tail, and his exploits with Cherry Kelly Welly Senora Halter-top:

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…we’re in for another week of Tango Mania (aka, “Het Love Finds Big Gay Ol’ Seth”) in 9CL, but we have a bit of a respite with the Sunday edition.  And it’s a “Hallmarks of Felinity”, too!

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By bats | March 11, 2011 - 10:37 pm

For the past three months weeks, the story-arc of 9 Chickweed Lane has bored us to death with dealt with Big Ol’ Gay Seth doing the tango with Argentine Homophobe Fernanda. Very sexy, I think.

Well, it was the first week.

Maybe not so much the second.

Aaaaand, we’re looking for the exits by the third.

Anyway, CC’s queek, source of Cuteness, Kawaii Commando, posted a set of bouncy kitten photos and suggested that they were the lolcat version of the story.  And dang, if he wasn’t right (well, the dialog has been fudged a bit, but most of it does come from the Tango Sleazo story,  The Cartoonist regularly refers to his critics with the “B” word, and I can see Solange doing a much better job of the whole thing)…

(Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE dese kitties!)

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…the Dance of Desperation!

No, Fernanda, Seth really is gay. And showing him your lady bits is only going to make him gayer, if that’s possible.

But you can’t blame a girl for trying:

And then there’s the “Desperate times call for desperate measure” strategy:

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So you were shot in the head by a diamond smuggler…meh.

Now you’re being held captive by a woman who says the island is held in thrall by drug smugglers…double meh.

I think this whole thing is much more insidious:

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You. Do. Not. Cross. June. Morgan.

(Although it’s a boatload of fun, if you do!)