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…aren’t BORING!

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The topic of Princess Beatrice’s wedding chapeau surfaced again over at The Comics Curmudgeon, with speculation by The Fashion Police that Miss A. Otterloop might be able to pull off such a look.

Alas.  Even the mad skilz of a Blisshaven pre-schooler are not enough…

Apologies to Richard (“Cul de Sac”) Thompson and to Alice herself.

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I think someone (not naming names, but the initials are T. B.) has that mysterious “Midas Manure Touch”…you know? Everything turns to crap, one way or another:



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No, not Love is…

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Tim Rickard’s Brewster Rockit, Space Guy!, is such a joy because it happily borrows from everything in the space/science fiction genre.  Darth Vader and the Mother Alien are not uncommon visitors, although Brewster is usually plagued by villain Dirk Raider and his Cylonish stormtroopers.  I just wanted to get back to basics with some of the bestest stormtroopers ever, courtesy of the Evil Galactic Empire ™:

(I just hope everyone takes this with the good nature it is intended….Oh! MY SPLEEN!)

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I was planning on mashing this up just because I thought Giella had gotten lazy and substituted one character for another (weird mother for hippie record producer) in a strip published only a couple of weeks before (and then merely changed the dialog).  Imagine my surprise when I realized that the early strip had feature Lu Ann and her bland cypher of a blond boyfriend, NOT Tommie and her bland cypher of a blond boyfriend!  Proof positive that although I can distinguish between the women of Apt. 3-G, the homogenized young men callers are one and the same to me. (Yikes.)

Of course I had to follow through, no matter how weird it got…

(“Naked hobo” is something I can so easily hear TV’s Craig Ferguson saying, too…)


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Currently in comic-strip land:

Spiderman’s been fighting on a NYC roof with a pair of vampires for at least two weeks;

Judge Parker’s been trying to talk a suicidal CEO off a NYC roof for at least two weeks;

Mary Worth’s friend Dr. Drew (Manwhore!) has been attempting to break off a “relationship” with a psychotic nurse for at least two weeks (not on a roof);

9CL’s Seth has been discussing Art (the subject, not some guy he met on Fire Island) on his back, with a woman sprawled on top of him, for at least two weeks;

and Les has been talking to dead Lisa about his book-to-film options on a park bench for at least two weeks.

You know, I think I’m going to find a roof-top, maybe on a Southern California hospital, with a bench there, and perhaps with a hot, gay male ballet dancer lying on it…

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My buddy from over at the Comics Curmudgeon, queek, source of Cuteness, Kawaii Commando, had to share this fuzzy mug with you (no, it’s not his fuzzy mug…well, at least I’m pretty sure it isn’t his):

“Last week, the queeksgirl and I got to dogsite her folks’ Westie pup for a couple of days. Here’s Tu’i looking scruffy and cute.”


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While I like the idea of Bucky Katt hitting Les in the back of the head with a Louisville Slugger
( ), this isn’t bad, either:

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…it’s a LOT of fun! Many wonderful insights from the Comics Curmudgeon’s readership!

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