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Still a little suspicious about Sheriff Wilson’s should-be-charged-as-an-adult-if-he’s-ever-caught son ( )?  Yeah, me, too.  At least there’s someone who doesn’t have a lot of daily commitments and is willing to fill in for very little recompense (a floor-covered lollipop will usually do it).

An incisive mind, as long as he isn’t distracted, don’t you agree?  And now for The Heist!

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I like to think that the comics syndicate still has some control over certain people and this was the rejected first pass:

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The Comics Curmudgeon‘s Walker of Dog commented on how creepy it is that Kit Walker (aka, The Phantom; aka, The Ghost Who Practices Self-Mutilation) is drawn without eyes whenever he’s unmasked; usually he puts on a pair of sunglasses (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!), or his face is shown in shadow.

I’m not too concerned with this, figuring this is a device to show how mysteriously mysterious The Phantom (aka, The Ghost Who’s Probably on the Lam from Something) is.  But to allay Walker of Dog’s creeps, there might be a more logical explanation.


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No more commentary on Funky Winkerbean until someone takes a gun / shiv / honey badger to Les.

Cue the band, Mr Dinkle:

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I think Tommie Thompson’s Aunt Iris is supposed to be a modern-day Mary Poppins.  When she mysteriously shows up, mysterious and wonderful things happen!  Tommie makes the acquaintance of a handsome, mysterious young man!  She meets a mysterious, hairy and famous record producer!  Her musical talents are mysteriously unveiled!  Her boring, daily job as a nurse mysterious disappears!  And when all these mysterious, amazing things have occurred, Aunt Iris mysteriously leaves!

Or something like that.

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