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I have it on good authority that this Boston vacation actually took place 20-odd years ago.  (Yes, I’m sure You Know Who is still being paid for it).

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Meanwhile, in the jungles of Africa (I guess) the Phantom has rescued a talkative boy genius (kind of  like if Daniel Radcliffe and Neal Patrick Harris had a baby), getting himself shot in the process.  Evidently Kit is going to teach this kid some gratitude, primarily by making him play Savannah Surgeon.  Where’s Guran when you need him?

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It’s Monday, and it looks like we’re going to be inundated with

1. Les Moore regaling Cayla with stories of how he’s gotten even with everyone who ever told him he’d never be a writer; and

2. Gay Seth confessing to maybe-Gay (you know, Brooke, there is such a thing as Bisexual) Roger his sexual fling with a woman of the female type.

Who’s more smug? More self-righteous? Granted, Roger could fit the Neener-Neener bill very nicely, but Seth was such a big dick douchebag jerk in outing Mr. Family Man, that I’m casting him as Les’ primary competition.

Well, it appears that these little heart-to-heart chats are going to go on all week.  I’m trying to figure out if this should be catagorized as a marathon or a decathlon.

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Maybe a preface will help.  Maybe not.

This is an excerpt from an actual online article about one of the most kid-friendly, all-American comics around:  Archie.

Archie Comics Publications is suing one of its CEOs for what appears to be a history of bullying and sexually harassing employees, according to the New York Daily News.

The suit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court last Thursday, says Nancy Silberkleit barged into a meeting in 2009 and “pointed to each [attendee] and said, ‘Penis! Penis! Penis! Penis!’ and then walked out.”

Silberkleit was named Co-CEO after her husband Michael — the son and heir of Archie Comic’s founder, Louis Silberkleit — died in 2008. It was just a few months after Michael’s business partner, Richard Goldwater, also died; and with no succession plan in place, Silberkleit and Goldwater’s brother Jon took over. At the time, Silberkleit was a third-grade teacher with no business experience.

“I’m a mother coming into a very male-oriented business,” she told The Oregonian last year. “I’m not getting any support. I felt very alone.”

(from Business Insider, …no, I am not making this up!)
On the other hand, when in doubt with dubious dialog, maybe the lady had an epiphany:
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If Zeus and Thor were real, Mommy’d be ecstatic in 3…2…1…

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Luann being one.  Her so-called intelligent brother (he’s an EMT and a fire-fighter) is laid off, and his Bright Idea for employment is to apply for the custodial crew at a fast-food restaurant.  Good thinking if there’s ever a grease fire, I guess.

CC’s queek and carbunicle do read this strip, on the other hand.  And they have found something to laugh about.  Or snark about  (well, as long as you can sub a buxom beauty from the Lockhorns!):

And then CC’s Droopy Says referred to the time a few years ago when Brad got into a tangle with Bad Boy Dirk.  I knew I should’ve stopped reading after the cops lead Dirk away, but no…I had to keep reading to gain some insights into the the psyche that is known as B-wad…

Good job, fellow Comics Curmudgeon readers and snarkers!

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All you need to know about Niki (unretouched!):

All you need to know about Rex (touched all over the place!):



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(Does it count if it’s in a cave?)

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