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We’re pretty sure it was put there to add drama to a critical conversation.  Well, that’s what some people believe.

I like to believe that Lu Ann is as dumb as a bag of hair.

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By bats | July 11, 2011 - 11:22 pm

Given the strangeness in the current Mark Trail storyline (oh, come on, so nu?), CC’s bourbon babe, unbuckled suggested that an early warning system of sorts be considered to warn readers of the day’s brain-numbing effects.  I’m sure a similar system could benefit other strips, but I work with what I got.

Thanks to bb,u for the vast majority of the funny:

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It’s been seven years since Josh F. began his blog, the Comics Curmudgeon — HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the blog, to his Holiness Pope Josh, and to the many, many fine Curminions who post and make me laugh and laugh and laugh.  I haven’t been there from the beginning, but I’ve been there several years.  It was a Very Cool Place to find when another site that I’d been a regular at crashed and burned and was relegated to the embers of Those Sites Whose Creators Don’t Give a Shit About.  (Yes, it’s still around, and it’s as feeble as ever.)

CC continues to be the home of fun, witty repartee and an amazing graciousness on the part of 99.4% of its participants…pure, like Ivory soap!

Congratulations, Josh!  Hope you’re at it for many years to come!

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And many thanks for the visual image supplied by CC’s Gloom Raider, that of Mary hitting Jeff with a rolled-up magazine for daring to use an e-reader.  Lovely, isn’t it?

Maybe in the future…

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Fashionista Dolly (she who does NOT rock the little black dress in the middle of summer…at the playground, no less) starts ragging on PJ’s clothing, only to turn on poor old Jeffy…

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End of the story-arc, and STILL no Charterstone pool party.

I and Mary Worth will not be denied.  Particularly when Mary has something up her sleeve (oooh, that’s the reason she’s been slinging around those smug little expressions):

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Or, judging from the last panel, Hobo Fever?

In either case, it’s not often one sees corpses scatter willy-nilly in the comics:

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…all you have to do is erase the words in the balloons and go from there.

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By bats | July 8, 2011 - 3:29 pm

You know what Dr. Drew (Manwhore!) needs? Not a stalky girlfriend.  Not a meddling old friend of his dad’s.

He needs work.  Good, honest work.  He loved working at the orphanage in Viet Nam, to the point he only came home to see his sister’s wedding.

Work is good.  Whining, not so much.

And I think I know just the person who can help you get into the swing of things…

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…but let’s just bask in the here and now of it all.

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