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…I can’t see a situation like this leading to the total destruction of the earth.  Maybe a few empty lots in New Jersey.

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By bats | August 8, 2011 - 10:18 am
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“…an’ it’s BODACIOUS!” (not an Oscar Wilde quote)

Anyway, I succumbed to the sketchy play on words.  Did you know, according to one of the earliest English-language dictionaries ever published, “rut” was the term used for mating cattle?  The word for it amongst frolicking sheep was “blissom.”  Goats did it the old, fashioned, four-lettered way.

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I’ve consolidated a weeks’ worth of  Les the AUTHOR’s publishing struggles into one tidy package.  You know, whether spread out like a slick of diarrhea, or heaped into a single big, steaming pile, Les and his writing are just one giant turd.

I shouldn’t even waste my time with Batuikitksiak’s thinly-veiled wet dreams (or damp disappointments), as applied to Super-Writer Les Moore, but it’s kind of cathartic, and with the current storyline in Judge Parker winding down, Constance Darling, up-and-coming marketing director in need of a $250K salary, gotta eat!  If nothing else, I like seeing the further emasculation of Les…


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By bats | August 7, 2011 - 4:50 pm

In two separate comics, we have employees in the food service industry who just can’t grasp the concept that talking with customers to the exclusion of other customers and duties is not a job priority.  I didn’t think this was rocket science.  Evidently I was wrong.

I have to admit, if I saw either of them as I walked into a restaurant, I might opt for another place to eat.

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But with another investigation on the table, hasty abandonments fond farewells have to be made.  These things never work out well, particularly for some people:

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Mary continues to chat up Gina, who’s lost her mother and can’t find love and is accosted on a regular basis by lecherous old customers.  Rather than giving Mr. Sansabelt the Stink Eye, Mary’s seems somewhat more appraising of the situation, while Gina appears more than a little satisfied with his gratuity.  I think this is supposed to be subtle, or something…

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…but for God’s sake, Lu Ann, don’t feed Margo straight lines (or small children)!

And a BONUS! from CC’s The Artist former known as Ben!

(Don’t ask about his other hand…)

And realizing, that in some cases, the old Bullwinkle Moose adage of  “If they liked it once, they’ll love it a second time!” doesn’t always work:

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…and punched the face of God.”

No, it’s not quite High Flight, even though geese fly high, and Mark Trail annoys them from time to time. But hey! There’s something even stranger than that bird-band Doc found on Mark’s old goose.  And if you’re not into High Fantasy, how about a little Religion?

This new, strange finding has really intrigued Mark:

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…kind of like imodium.

Thanks to a whole bunch of CCs (and LotR fans) for inspiring this! The old  goose of Mark’s is more sinister than anyone first realized (and that’s saying a lot for a goose!).



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By bats | August 1, 2011 - 11:46 am

Eduardo Barreto, one-time illustrator for Juggs Judge Parker (I <3 Abbey Spencer, and Gloria, and crazy stripper/murderer Dixie, and hot detective Robin!), returns to the comics as the new illustrator for the Sunday edition of The Phantom!  It’s so good to know that he recovered from his bout with meningitis, but I’m not sure that I’m ready to see Guran’s moobs…maybe Diana and Capt. Savarra will figure more *prominently* in future storylines.

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