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…or just start going to a different diner.  ShutupshutupshutupGina!

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…no, not Jeffy Keane.

Oh, girls can get so scared about the strangest things, can’t they?

And even the tiniest thing, too!

Maybe that’s why there’s just something about…

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By bats | September 6, 2011 - 10:48 pm
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Oh, no! Could that fine, upstanding RCMP officer Sgt. McQueen be withholding information from Mark Trail? Who has no real need to know anything about bird-bands in the first place?

Well, it’s either that or he’s just a plain ol’ serial killer…

Nah, that can’t be the case.  I’m sure there’s a legitimate reason…

Okay, so sue me.



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Unlike this year’s back-to-school repeat, with Jeffy whining about wanting to go and play school, the one trotted out in 6 September 2010 was Jeffy quite happy to be staying at home with Mommy and PJ.

Well, that’s the way I’d mashed it:

Sadly, if you compared last year’s and this year’s back-to-school panels, you’d find less different than in a Slylock Fox “find the six differences.”

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…’nuff said.

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I hope you read Cul de Sac.  The cartoonist, Richard Thompson, must have kids.  Real kids with strange little imaginations and weird and wonderful ways to look at the world.  Not like a lot of cartoonists who (A) never have had kids; (B) have had kids a gazillion years ago; or (C) “write” kids the way grammas and aunties want to see them, as adorable and passive, something vaguely plastic.

The Comics Curmudgeon‘s bourbon babe, unbuckled recently commented that certain cartoonists (she was looking rather pointedly at Jeff Keane) really ought to take a tip from Richard Thompson, who knows how to work with the child characters in his strip — this is a good thing as Cul de Sac is a family-based strip.

I thought that was a little harsh.  I think way down deep, li’l Jeffy Keane is in those circular panels,  crying to get out and express himself.  Maybe there’s just a big, fat man in front of him.

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Or, rather the good old newer days, when Funky had pretty much turned into a fat jerk, working himself to the exclusion of his family and friends and just being a putz.  These days, we’re all over Les the WRITER and cutting Funky some wide, wide slack.

What is a writer if you’re not loved, right? Unsaleable, that’s it! And Les is working on fixing that little glitch…

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Some GREAT illustration recently.

Two very weak plots, neither of them much about Rex or June.


Of course, something must be done (even if it doesn’t advance the plot!).

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By bats | September 2, 2011 - 2:45 pm

Oh, boy!  Cayla’s family has the HONOR and the PRIVILEGE to meet a WRITER! Don’t you wish you were any of them?

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