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And the only good Pippa is Princess Katherine’s sexy, sexy sister.

Anyway, if you live on the Internet or only visit, write your Congressmen and tell them that SOPA and PIPA are wretched ideas.  Heck, why are they supporting it when it’s being promoted by the MPAA, and those wastrels who make society-damaging movies? (Oh, yeah, we’re talking about Congressmen.)

You know when a certain somebody is more of a Luddite than I am (and you might recall her kicking and screaming when Jeff tried suggesting she might find an electronic reader like the Krindle or the Snook enjoyable):

that this certain somebody likely has some strong stupid opinions about this alphabet soup of crap being debated:

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When 9 Chickweed Lane‘s resident ballerina, pianist, impossibly-wonderful and now “The Butt of Nicole Cignet Fashions” Edda Burber struts the latest piece o’ fluff:

And CC’s queek, source of Cuteness, Kawaii Commando, suggests that Ms. Burber wishes she were as cute as this model:

Then it’s time to put it to a test:

YES! queek’s hypothesis holds true! Give the man a Nobel prize! (or at least a cookie…)

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Mary Worth is still prattling on about saving a little kidnapped girl! And idiot Jeff continues to heap the praise upon her.

Of course, this leaves us to assume that Emily was actually returned home and still isn’t sitting in The Diner, waiting for the Ice Cream That Will Never Come.  Maybe we’ll see her in Weenie World, as she scavenges for scraps, since no one told her how to get home. Eh, not Mary’s problem.

I’d like to think that she came to a happier end:

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CC’s Senor Tortilla requested that I mash Family Circus‘ “It’s Apparent You’re A Parent” panels that appeared in today’s paper.  I hadn’t given them much thought, but I had done ones in the past, and these worked out pretty well (take-home message: the folks are funnier than their kids):


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Or at least the major character in 9 Chickweed Lane.


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I’m at a loss as to what Mary Worth could get so riled up about.  Is it possible that words would actually FAIL her and she resorts to the Fisticuffs of Pique (a la Mark Trail’s Fist of Justice)?  The mere idea is rather chilling, since it appears no one is safe!

Oh, heck…I should’ve realized that the denouement was just going to drag on and on…forget it, Toby — it’s Charterstone! I’m just tacking on the rest of the story here (“And that’s the rest of the story!” — Paul Harvey):

Maybe Monday will bring us New Adventures (because Heaven knows Sunday didn’t!):


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…our intrepid Nature Guy has met his doggie intellectual match! No, really!

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In case anyone cared, the Santa Royale Police Department (all two of them) finally responded to Mary Worth’s 911 call.   The best part is doing as the Comics Curmudgeon himself, Josh F., suggests, and imagining “Yackety Sax” playing in the background during the harrowing chase of kidnapper Thuggie McTug.   Otherwise, this pretty much sums it up:

We’re all pretty sure poor little Emily never got her rainbow swirl ice cream, either.  Bastards.

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Rex Morgan, M.D., is probably my favorite strip to mash on, for any number of reasons (send a SASE for an itemized list). I love it when it’s just Rex and June, the originals, even when they’re “just talking” — it might not be comic strip action at its best, but I don’t care.  Maybe it’s the double entendres, maybe it’s the excellent illustration, maybe it’s my imagination, but carry on, Morgans…

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…good to see you again, Mark!

I kid, I kid! We should all know by now that the sheer presence of Mark will lead to intriguing insights! Interesting solutions! An utter lack of contractions!

…or, maybe not.


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