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Well, maybe not, but how often do we see RCMP in the comics?

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One of the favorite commenters (well, one of MY favorite commenters) from the Comics Curmudgeon, Jeff Gillette, died in his home on Monday.  Dingo was only 47 years old (too soon, too soon!) and had a wicked, nasty, unforgiving wit.  He could be dirtier than all get out (I’m sure his photo is next to Webster’s definition of “raunchy”), which suited me just fine.   I always hoped that one day we might be able to meet in Las Vegas (he designed gaming machines), or that he could coddle me though learning how to put music to my occasional little .gif mashups.  Well, heck.

Dingo was one very cool fellow.  He even introduced me to Paul Rudd, and if Hollywood ever gets so desperate for a Rex Morgan, M.D. movie (aka, “scraping the bottom of the creativity barrel”), you can be I’ll be front and center with Paul as Dingo and my first and only choice for Rex.  Dingo also introduced me to some very questionable online comic sites (read, feelthy), but I sent him interesting stuff  in return, so I think we have a draw.  (I think I had more naked photos of Paul Rudd, though.)

I’m thinking warm thoughts for him and all his family, whom he absolutely adored — I’m pretty sure that the feeling was mutual.  The lucky guy even won a fishing trip “up north” a few years ago, and got to take his dad fishing, too (but without Rusty and Sassy and Kelly Welly!).  And here’s a little thing I put together for Jeff during one of his job-searching safaris.  He liked it…that’s cool.   Until we can really meet again, Dingo,

Much love

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Well, The Mystery of the Gold Bird Band ends with no punching, and pretty much not a whole lot of explanation either.  Maybe something new and exciting and punch-worthy is waiting at the other end of this telephone!  (The dialog in Panel 2 is supplied by the Comics Curmudgeon hisself,  Josh F., so how can excitement not be waiting in the wings?)

On the other hand, the dialog in these panels are supplied by CC’s “Illustrator Steve,” so there is a definite possibility of a no-go unless Mark sprints really, really fast:


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