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I’m not a big fan of “product placement,” like in movies or TV shows (then again, placement of almost-but-not-quite products can be even more jarring).  However, with the loss of readership/subscriptions/income in many newspapers, maybe big companies with deep pockets should be encouraged to sponsor comic strips so we don’t lose them…

We’re thinking Morton Salt here, but can K-Y creepy slimy sex products be far behind?

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By bats | May 19, 2012 - 12:39 pm

Funky Winkerbean and Luann cut to the chase in topics ripped from the headlines! Same-sex couples attending the prom! Frivolous lawsuits! 21st Century adaptations of Of Mice and Men!

My God…it’s like I never have to listen to the news again to be so well-informed!

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After all this time, we learn Nina isn’t a bitch — she’s just had an unhappy, motherless childhood.

All hail, Margo McGee, Continuing Uber-Bitch of New York City! YAAHHHHHHHH!

Of course, Margo isn’t one to sit idly by and let those laurels lovingly caress her buttcheeks:


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By bats | May 15, 2012 - 1:39 pm
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On more than one occasion in reference to The Mysterious Falling Down the Basement Stairs Case of Foster Woods (not one of the new PBS Sherlock episodes, in case you were interested), Rex has mentioned the Medical Examiner or Coroner or someone competent, but he has yet to actually contact said person.

Good lord, Rex…do we have to do everything for a smug jerk like you?

(And in case you were wondering, yes, this was WAY FUN to do!)


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Mary Worth’s last adventure, to the wilds of New York to see Soccer Bobby and Hash-slinger Gina get married, was kind of a downer — Mary was only able to meddle a NY cabbie, and that was hardly exciting (particularly for the cabbie).

On her return home, though…let’s just say she hasn’t come back to Santa Royale a moment too soon!

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…calls for complicated planning! Many plans! Many options! Many, many munchies!

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I learned something today from Mark Trail!  Evidently pufferfish are marvelous recyclers:  why MAKE deadly toxins from scratch when you can just RE-USE the ones from the food you eat? Those cute, round tidbits of death!

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…evidently the vast majority of cartoonists did just that, absolutely phoning in old hackneyed themes of “breakfast in bed,” “homemade cards,” etc., etc.

Fortunately the serial strips forged ahead, and thank heavens for that.  Incidentally, Judge Parker probably had the most subtle-but-way-way-out-there strip today, thanks to Ms. Gloria Sanchez.  There was an epic Panel 4:

Which could only be matched by repeated fond meditation upon it:

In other words:  BEST. MOTHER’S. DAY. STRIP. EVER!


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Occasionally, the layout of a Mary Worth panel evokes memories of past splendor (read, Soviet propaganda posters).  If you think I’m kidding, just check out .

Fortunately, these are very rare, and Mary usually reverts to holding a teacup or doing strange things with her eyes, which isn’t glorious at all.

(Thanks for taking the bullet on this one, “Crazy Eyes” Bobby! Gulag Mary has a couple of more minutes of fame, thanks to your patriotic sacrifice!)

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…but anything I can do for the Little Wooden Boy, I will!

Awww…it’ll get better, Rusty. Save your dimes!

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