Sadly, the topic of the peacock bass as an invasive species somehow got lost along the way (but I liked doing this one!).

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..other than it was too stormy outside to do anything (yeah, like I’d be outside in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of June), and that CC’s commodorejohn hasn’t been terrorized enough recently (no, I don’t have another book for him)…

…and a hint of reality.

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Now with More Snark! Thanks, Curminions!

And the Fun That Is Individual Panels Harkening Back to the Glorious Revolution!


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…really, I just need some decent snarking material and/or some truly excellent inspiration from the commenters over at The Comics Curmudgeon.  It’s like a tonic! (You know, that “tonic” that Mary Worth keeps behind the china for “medicinal purposes”…)

OMG! OMG! OMG!  Mark’s in danger!  Thanks, [Old Man] Muffaroo!

OMG! OMG! OMG!  The Morgans come to the rescue! (Thanks, Brook Esia, for a definite stashing of panels for the future: “I’m pretty sure panel 3 is really an old Soviet propaganda poster about the bourgeoisie fucking up your day and not giving two shits about it.”)

OMG! OMG! OMG! Bad agent! Bad agent! No martini! Thanks, Dennis Jimenez!

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Oh, dear! Mary has refused to take over Wilbur “Wendy” Weston’s advice-column gig, because of the time involved! Yes, Mary’s just Too Busy with pontificating to Toby, watching her shows, and churning out a constant supply of salmon squares.

Frighteningly, Wilbur actually has a back-up plan. (Most likely, Plan B is pretty excited about the “back-up” part, too…)

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And I smell 25,000 smackaroos!

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Okay, that works.

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While Iris is throttling Mabel over at the Morganville Funeral Home and Hot Wax Salon, Dawn continues to mope on the couch, watching an endless loop of Game of Thrones.  Where her hands are and the depth of Miss Weston’s sexuality is a topic of much filthy sordid disgusting speculation over at The Comics Curmudgeon (ewwwwwww…) , an unfortunate situation that might’ve been remedied had the creators of Mary Worth done a little creative rearrangement of panels.

Sadly, that which has been speculated upon cannot be unspeculated…

Extra points if you can correctly guess where Wilbur gets his mad parenting skilz.


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Funerals are always painful.  Some are more painful than others.

Still, they can be fun…

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While the usual Saturday circle gave us Jeffy announcing that he has fingernails on his toes, too! (good Lord, the kid’s a moron), mine is somewhat more insidious, even horrifying.  Are we not men, Jeffy?

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